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  1. Awesome!!! smiles, ladybug
  2. Congrats! - That's a great park!!! I can't make it, as I will be in PA for my dad's 90th birthday, but just my 2 cents - great place to stay! And thanks for posting what looks like a great run! smiles, ladybug
  3. Awesome!! So happy you are moved! And that's a pretty small bottle George...I expected to see more!! smiles, karen PS- Don't you just love the stars at night?! Last night they were spectacular!!
  4. Diane and George - This is a beautiful home!!! Love the kitchen! And the garage! Many many congrats!!! love and smiles, karen
  5. Can't wait to see the place Di! It looks great!! smiles, ladybug
  6. Hey Ryan! Please remove us from this trip and open our spot for your standby....We are still awaiting parts for Gracie, who gave us a transmission code error while in Colorado in early July. Hopefully the parts are coming soon, but then we'll need to drive it local for a bit before going remote.... Enjoy, have fun, and be safe! smiles, ladybug
  7. I can't go, but good for you to lead one Marty!! And 7 is a very good number... smiles, ladybug
  8. Great pics and looks like a wonderful relaxing vacation for you two! Since Ouray and Moab are 2 of our annual trips, makes sense that someday we may run this trail that connects the 2! Thanks for sharing! smiles, ladybug
  9. Many congrats on a really nice rig! I see some base camping jeep runs in your future! Just let us know! smiles, ladybug
  10. Thanks Ryan! And prayers for our firefighters! smiles, ladybug
  11. I've had the best luck with the agm batteries. (knock on wood!) Good choice, imho smiles, ladybug
  12. Boy ain't that the truth. Stupid.
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