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  1. Thanks for the advance notice Ryan! We appreciate you keeping us aware of this....maybe next year? smiles, ladybug
  2. After the first rinsing, stage 1. This amethyst should be real pretty by the time I get it all the way thru all the grits. I have 2 tumblers of this going. smiles, ladybug
  3. Awesome Ryan!!! I don't know what rock that is, but it obviously has some quartz with iron staining! The tumbler that you got is a good solid one and will last a long time. Mine actually died awhile ago, but OB took it apart, adjusted the belt, oiled it, and it's running again. I currently have 4 tumblers going, as I get rocks tumbled for our November rock show....plus some to keep! These types of tumblers really shape the rocks, whereas the vibratory tumblers tend to leave the shapes more...but I like these tumblers...they're easy to use and in the garage they don't bother me at all! Next fall we'll have to take you guys out to our amethyst site...it tumbles real pretty....I"ll post a pic of stage one shortly! smiles, karen
  4. Awesome pics and report!!! Great job Ryan! Looks like it was a fun trip! smiles, ladybug
  5. I agree! - Great pics Gear! I love that trail EXCEPT for the rocks on the top!!! Looks like you all had a great run! Thanks for sharing your great pics! smiles, ladybug
  6. SWEET! Nice packing Tim and Devon! smiles, ladybug
  7. Wow, I agree on shoe traction devices on that trail!!! Great pics Jim! smiles, karen
  8. Bumble looks REALLY GREAT Tim and Devon! smiles, ladybug
  9. Excellent report Sarah! And summary! I'm glad you all were ok! Indeed our forest roads, with all our snow and rain this year, maybe should not be labeled as an 'easy forest service road' this year. Glad you all got out safe. Quite a few memories you have made there. smiles, ladybug
  10. Oh that is so Cool!!! I can't hardly wait til the next run with Kris to get some ice cream!! smiles, ladybug
  11. GREAT Pics!!! And Great to see you out and leading Big Al!! Good job!! smiles, ladybug
  12. MAny ConGrats to my dear friends! - All 3 of you!! And Diane - I hope I will see you on a trail now and then! You three have done so very well in establishing a community and I'm confident that Kristoffer will do absolutely fine, but oh how I will miss George and Diane!! But an excellent decision for you both - follow those dreams!! God Bless and stay in touch my friends! love, karen
  13. Hey guys, we may be running late tomorrow, as we see our current MO visitors off on their journey....We'll catch up, probably at the cook site, so please don't wait for us! smiles, ladybug
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