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  1. What a beautiful truck!! Love it!!! And you can't beat a Power Wagon, IMHO! Congrats!!! smiles, ladybug
  2. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry about that foot. You take care! smiles, karen
  3. Awesome pics and a really great trip! Thanks Ryan for leading, and JohnPa for tailgunning! smiles, ladybug
  4. Yes, Ryan is indeed! Thanks Ryan for a great trip, and it was so fun to meet some new friends, chat with some long-time friends, see some meteors, and get Millie on some dirt for her first time!! What a fun night! smiles, ladybug
  5. Ladybug

    New shoes

    Those are very nice John! I never noticed that you had a sagging ass. smiles, ladybug
  6. Thanks Al! She is indeed a sweet ride!!! She's not seen dirt yet...just has barely 300 miles on her, so am following the book on the breaking-in of the engine.. smiles, ladybug
  7. Thanks Darryl! PS - next year: Utah! smiles, ladybug
  8. Not likely to happen tho Di!....The more you step on that gas pedal, the faster that gas gauge goes down!! smiles, ladybug
  9. You got it!! smiles, ladybug
  10. New, 20 year Anniversary model.... Pretty color eh? Smiles, ladybug
  11. She is named after my 2nd cousin - Grace Mildred. I had only met Grace 2x in my life, probably 20 years ago, and she seemed pretty nice. In 2018 her home in Paradise, CA burnt down, and she was in a hotel in Chico CA with her dog, widowed, age 90, with no children, no belongings except her and her dog and her car. So I flew in and drove her to her brother's in NY. We got along famously on that one week trip in December across the snow filled US 80, and every time that I visited my mom and dad in nw PA, I went to see her. We talked often on the phone. She passed in October 2022 and I still miss the dear friend. This one was from her, for her. Meet Millie.
  12. Sorry to miss this one....It is one of our favorite camp sites...and we love that old airplane hangar! Have fun! smiles, ladybug
  13. Thanks for the advance notice Ryan! We appreciate you keeping us aware of this....maybe next year? smiles, ladybug
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