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  1. Oh that is so Cool!!! I can't hardly wait til the next run with Kris to get some ice cream!! smiles, ladybug
  2. GREAT Pics!!! And Great to see you out and leading Big Al!! Good job!! smiles, ladybug
  3. MAny ConGrats to my dear friends! - All 3 of you!! And Diane - I hope I will see you on a trail now and then! You three have done so very well in establishing a community and I'm confident that Kristoffer will do absolutely fine, but oh how I will miss George and Diane!! But an excellent decision for you both - follow those dreams!! God Bless and stay in touch my friends! love, karen
  4. Hey guys, we may be running late tomorrow, as we see our current MO visitors off on their journey....We'll catch up, probably at the cook site, so please don't wait for us! smiles, ladybug
  5. I agree! Your videos are awesome Ryan! And I am thankful they didn't catch me behind a bush or rock! Always good! smiles, ladybug
  6. until
    Bring along plenty of smiles and let's wander through the western area, around Lake Alamo, ending at Swansea - an old AZ mining town - for a hauntingly good time. I haven't been out here for awhile, but am relatively sure that it will be an Easy to Moderate run. 3 days, 2 nights of primitive camping. Not sure of our route yet, but will get it figured out between now and then! Click here for details & to RSVP... Please note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  7. The very best to both of you!!! Montana is indeed a gorgeous country, and I'm sure you'll love those open spaces up there! Happy Trails to you both. smiles, ladybug
  8. The one that Ryan recommended. Midland MXT275. The antenna he recommended (MXTA25) is out of stock, so for the Bradshaw trip we are just using the little one that comes with the unit. We mounted the unit along the console, as there is no more room up above on my shelf..and fwiw, the mic on this unit has all the weight and controls. smiles, karen
  9. So very true Woody! And spot on. And it is kinda fun to have 3 antennas now! Everyone antenna up! smiles, ladybug
  10. Hey Mike....I broke down and bought a gmrs, although I am a dedicated ham user. We did the Harquahala run with a borrowed handheld gmrs and were disappointed in the signal strength around corners and for distances. Thankfully the leader and the tail gunner both had gmrs base units and they were able to communicate clearly with each other. The only reason that I bought the gmrs -not a handheld - is so that I could hear the trip leader better, and respond accordingly. So while the club has not taken a position on this, and leaves it up to the leader, I think that's good position. But for best communications, my opinion is that the ham will reach furthest, and is more capable in case of an extreme trail emergency. I could be totally wrong about that...maybe the gmrs is just as good for far distance... On a dusty trail where everyone is spread out for a long distance, the ham is my radio of choice, and I'll keep the cb for those vehicles that have that radio. I"ll just make more stops to explain where we are, points of interest, etc - as I will not attempt to operate 3 radios on any trip! LOL! We installed the gmrs where it can be easily removed when its not in use for a gmrs-led run. BTW - my 10 year license expires in 2025, and I"ll be sure to renew before then! Check your expiration date, as a test is not required to renew. smiles, ladybug
  11. Ladybug

    Gunny and me

    Go Gunny Go! smiles, karen
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