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  1. Great trails Ryan! FYI - there's a hiking trail back to Hummingbird Springs - an old ranch site - but given that you have 2 trails going here, there wouldn't be enough time to include the hike.....just an fyi for future reference....There's also some cool old mines on the north side of the Hummingbird Trail...Have fun! It's one of my favorite cherry stem trails! smiles, ladybug
  2. THANKS to my dear friends for the birthday wishes!!! And Happy Birthday Jason to your girls too! Its a good day to have a birthday! Love, karen
  3. I agree Di! - It's totally amazing to think of what these adventurers encountered and braved on their way west.... smiles, karen
  4. Well Ryan and Michelle, I guess I'm a back out for this weekend...Just so much more to do yet! Please forgive and I promise more cookies next time I see you! Have fun and be safe...And don't worry about Roy and Sue and Doug dragging their rears....And that's all I'll say about that!! LOL! (Ha ha Roy and Sue and Doug..you know I love you too!....Just teasing!) (Ryan- I hate to admit but I think I am most responsible for Roy's first AZ pinstriping on his brand new truck....He's such a good sport!) smiles and love to all! Ladybug
  5. Ok Ryan! You got me on the rocks, plus my fav Roy will be coming, so I need to attend, if you don't mind signing me up please! smiles, ladybug
  6. wierd. Looks like an interesting place, although I'd rather go looking for petrified wood and dinosaur bones.... smiles, ladybug
  7. Hey Kris...whatcha doing with her current wheels and tires? That interior is very classy! smiles, ladybug
  8. Wow that is one very very nice looking Jeep!! Excellent selections!! Congrats!! smiles, ladybug
  9. Awesome Kris for securing a great looking camp site! Bummer that we have a yet-to-be-repaired RV, and are quite pooped after 5 weeks of being on the road cross-country.....so we're going to come up Saturday for the day and to visit, and we'll be happy for that! smiles, ladybug
  10. And what great pictures and report you have here!!! Just wants me to go there!!! You want to schedule this for next year?! smiles, ladybug
  11. You look GREAT Al! Thanks John for posting pics and taking Al and Gunny on a venture!!! Take care my friends! smiles, ladybug
  12. And there is NO Doubt that having one of those obsidian boulders would be so very cool!!! smiles, ladybug
  13. hmmm....experienced "old hand"....hmmm...That's not Ryan, as he's not very old.... smiles, ladybug
  14. Ha Ha...it was horrid Tim! I never had gotten so drenched before!!!! And then to put up a tent in that downpour?! Good memories though!! smiles, ladybug
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