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  1. Great report shellback91! And awesome pics! We need to get back there someday!! smiles, ladybug
  2. BBBAAAA!!!! for sure! smiles, ladybug
  3. I will always remember our camping trip to Swansea when Ken and Al exposed their true radically funny personalities. BBBAAAA.... That's when we found out that the three of us all worked for the same employer....That following Monday, my secretary came into my office with a surprised look on her face - there were 2 bus drivers here to see me. What a pair Ken and Al were! It was hard to see Ken move to Florida, but we all knew it was good for him to be with family. (I think he moved to the Northeast first) Ken fought the cancer shit....gave it a good fight. My heart to Al and JohnPa, as he was such a dear friend to them. Prayers for Ken's family and friends. God Bless you Ken. smiles, ladybug
  4. Great pics! Looks like a great day! smiles, ladybug
  5. Awesome pics!! Can you imagine the geological forces that created that magnificence? smiles, ladybug
  6. Awesome pics!! That trail sure has changed over the last 15 years!! And I'm with Kris on the mud....NO thanks! Too many times I would park Gracie in my back yard with a sprinkler under her.... Glad you all had fun and made it safely! smiles, ladybug
  7. That's a nice looking unit! I'm happy that it meets your needs! smiles, ladybug
  8. I am still so very pleased that Brady is OK! AND what a nice looking rig! AND what a blessing that Brady has a dad and mom who love him so very much and Dad Kris - you are just doing an awesome job!! smiles, ladybug
  9. One of my favorite spots!! Thanks for posting!! smiles, ladybug
  10. Wow! I am so glad that Brady is ok!!! smiles, ladybug
  11. Great pics! Looks like you all had fun! smiles, ladybug
  12. Great pics!! I like the breakfast pic! - great pic of Kris!! smiles, ladybug
  13. Indeed Kris!!! Probably so! I'll post them in advance once I get them figured out! And yes, many thanks to all the members who are stepping up to lead runs!!! smiles, ladybug
  14. THAT's so COOL! Great pics!!! Thanks for sharing! smiles, ladybug
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