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  1. I saw this yesterday and that is just crazy madness! They predict that the northern road into Yellowstone will be closed all summer. First time in its history that they have had to evacuate Yellowstone. smiles, ladybug
  2. Bummer but we will be gone at this time, and can't attend, so you guys are pretty lucky that you won't have to compete against us....Just sayin... smiles, ladybug
  3. Hey Ryan! We won't be having a guest with us after all, so you can put OB and me in the same jeep (sigh...) and this will open up another spot. smiles, ladybug
  4. Happy Happy Happy Birthday George!!! smiles, ladybug
  5. That's a nice looking jeep! Great color too! smiles, ladybug
  6. Excellent report Ryan! Thanks so very much for posting! smiles, ladybug
  7. You know that Mark was in Moab one year when we were there, many years ago, running trails with the jeep guys (not Easter Jeep Safari trails...we always ran the ones that EJS wasn't on!) and the guys came to the rear of Gracie for the cookies, on her cookie tailgate shelf....which is on Rubicon models....LOL! (That tailgate shelf was one that I really wanted when I saw Mike Buckner out camping with his! - Steve built this one for me.) We also spoke of on-board air, and other camping/jeeping improvements we had made....Good to see that they paid some attention! It would be really special if Jeep provided cookies with that shelf!...just sayin... It was a nice tribute to the guys. Our friends Mike and Dave T and Phil and Dave Y and Jim as well. Some of you know Mike as he has been on trails before too...just not for awhile... smiles, ladybug
  8. Looks really good Ryan! I didn't see anyone wearing flip flops in those pics...lol smiles, ladybug
  9. Hey Jason....my bad, but found that rodeo is from 7 pm to 9 pm....It will still be a zoo here, as the cowboys and cowgirls and horses come into town, so not sure what to tell you to expect...Just wanted to make you aware of it...sorry about the time difference..... smiles, ladybug
  10. Hey Jason! Welcome to Wickenburg! Just a heads up that April 9th is the date of a big rodeo, at the rodeo grounds on Constellation Road... 7 am to 9 pm. You may likely experience Heavy traffic coming into town, at McDonalds, etc etc...Just so you are aware... smiles, ladybug
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