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  1. I agree - Well Done!!! You guys are a blessing indeed! smiles, karen PS - I have always carried a various amount of fluids in my Gracie Box. No matter how tight we are on space, the Gracie Box, tow strap, fire extinguisher, zip ties, duck tape, etc - all must stay. I didn't know that tranny fluid can be used for power steering fluid, and have always carried that as one of my fluids...Just good to have this stuff. BTW - I've never needed any of the various fluids in my Gracie Box, but have been with others who have! Knock on wood!
  2. Well look at you go!! Good job!! smiles, ladybug
  3. AWESOME! Can't wait to hear about it! smiles, ladybug
  4. Let me know when you want to go! - I'd love to go back! smiles, ladybug
  5. Here's a few that I took....Not much left of the assayer's office, nor the sup's home office...Still cool to see some of that equipment, and always fun to see water in Burro Creek! smiles, ladybug PS- You should all know that I am not ill. I only picked up one rock yesterday - a beautiful piece of quartz, which I gave to Mia and Marilyn....I am fine!
  6. You guys got some great pics!! Thanks for posting! And thanks again for coming along!! smiles, ladybug
  7. Thanks so much Kris! I ran into Peoria last night and so didn't get this started....I appreciate totally your help!! smiles, ladybug
  8. Many thanks to all who came out exploring with me! I just think the mining equipment left here, plus seeing the water in Burro Creek, just makes a great ride! THANKS for coming!! smiles, ladybug
  9. Indeed! Watch for snakes tho....I think they may start coming out soon...See you there! smiles, ladybug
  10. Hope all is good with you guys! smiles, ladybug
  11. Great pics everyone! Looks like great fun! Good lead Ryan! smiles, ladybug
  12. Happy day-late Birthday Ryan! smiles, ladybug
  13. Just am additional piece of info, just so you know...We will be on highway 93 from Wickenburg to Nothing AZ - 50 miles one way. We'll air down after we get to Nothing, and then air up before our return. Weather looks good for next Tuesday! smiles, ladybug
  14. bummer....Don't you have more than one jeep? done... smiles, karen
  15. Excellent George! They sure were lucky, both with the injury free, plus they knew you and ORP! You are indeed a good man George, and I am glad you are my friend! smiles, karen
  16. You know Tim, sometimes I am not computer literate at all! Sorry that I inadvertently got you on standby....you're in, and I fixed the first post. And maybe the worldly KSmith will help guide me on how to post this on the calendar? smiles, ladybug
  17. I can honestly say that if you've never been to this area, be prepared to be wow'ed! Worth the time and trip...if not this one, do another! smiles, ladybug
  18. Looks like fun, bummer we can't go. Have fun and be safe! I love that area! smiles, ladybug
  19. Wow! Glad I'm not there that week!! How many do you expect to attend Russ? PS - Good to see you at the fall event....Hope to see you more often this year!! smiles, ladybug
  20. Will do! Thanks for your interest! smiles, ladybug
  21. Got you all in! If you're willing, we'll give it a go! Trip is full....If anyone drops out, any newcomers will go on standby, but since you were all so quick to be so willing to explore with me, I figured I'd get us all down that stream! smiles, ladybug
  22. Aagh....you know me and photos....It wasn't a very good map anyways...I'll try another tomorrow... Glad you want to come!
  23. Trail/Area: Heading down Bonanza Wash on Tuesday, March 9. Where the heck?! Head north on US Highway 93, get fuel in Wickenburg, then meet us at the intersection of Highway 93 and Highway 71. From there we continue to drive north on 93, towards Burro Creek. (Yes, you know - one of my favorite areas!) We'll pause in the deserted "town" of Nothing Arizona and head off trail from there. This is a short trail - 4.3 miles one way, and I have done it once before....I'd rate it moderate because there is this one section.....If we cannot get past this one section, we may have to walk a bit, or catch rides with those who can get through. This is a spur trail - in and out. It ends at Burro Creek. There's an old mine there and remains of the assayer's office. Here's an image of a map of the area....You can google Burro Creek Campground and we are due east of that. Itinerary: Yes, this is a Tuesday. March 9. The benefits of being retired.... Meet at 9 am at the intersection of highways 93 and 71. Make sure you get gas in Wickenburg (Maverik on 60 westbound after going through town, is cheapest) as there is no gas anywhere else. One full tank from there will do you ok. Pack a lunch. If we can't get through to the end of this trail, we'll most likely find another in the area....I'll dig around for something....We'll get off trail mid-afternoon...probably. Most of you know me by now...bring a smile and willingness to explore, maybe be prepared for AZ pin-striping, maybe take a plan a or b or c. Trip limit to 6 vehicles. We'll be running ham 146.46 If the weather turns nasty, we'll have to cancel...this is a wash - although the maps call it a Stream - we're planning on running. Signed: Moses Sign-Up: Leading: Ladybug Tailgun: John Pa Attending: Big Al TheKSmith Trail Toy Stacey and Scott Gearhead Curly Standby: Mike Buckner SlyDawg Roy
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