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  1. Yes for a GPS clinic. My Nat Geo app has gone toes up I need to find a new app or apps for iOS . Upatree
  2. Welcome! Great to have another So Az member. That picture looks like you are heading down on the right side of the three feathers obstacle also known to old timers as the SLOT.
  3. Re: Summary to date Just wondering if you will all still be together Goose if your family arrives on 21 and you do not show up until the 25 or 25. Have a great time! I may be in the area but do not know for sure. David, Paco & UPATREE
  4. Hey all, Paco and I just got the ok for the trip as Natalie is going to her high school reunion that sat. Hope to come up on thurs. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
  5. UPATREE & Associates may try and join you. Thanks for putting this run up. Will follow thread.
  6. George - where is the log corral? Thanks, UPATREE
  7. Thanks to all of you for making NATALIE, PACO DOG & me fell so welcome! Great run! UPATREE & Associates
  8. If there is still some room Natalie, Paco Dog and I would like to join youall. We would be coming from Tucson. If so Ill try and get together with "oldhockeyvb". UPATREE
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