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  1. I'm sorry, but will have to back out. Trucks trans is acting up and won't have one in time. Next time!
  2. Going Monday to the snow, I can either go towards flag, or pays on area. Anyone have good spots that aren't crowded? Small hills etc. don't care for big hills, just nice ones the kids would have fun with. Thanks!
  3. Since we all love pics BEFORE AFTER We took out a FULL dump trailer load from just this site!!! All four dumpsters filled!! Copper state four wheels were nice enough to let me ride on their trail run afterwards.... First time in a jeep fourwheeling. Im HOOKED!!! I want a jeep lol
  4. So, there's a big chance I can make it now. Question, will there be tight areas we have to drive through for the clean up?
  5. Great condition 750obo call me at 480-244-7988 for any questions Craigslist ad http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/pts/5251882281.html
  6. You mean like this? Lol I've brought the truck is areas people said a full size would never get into. It's on 37s so that helps.
  7. Brought my truck to the body shop for a jack knife accident.
  8. X2 for azdiff. I love those guys.
  9. Very cool! Need to do this trip next time you guys do it!
  10. Deaver long travel springs, extended bumpstops, and king 3.0 triple bypass rear shocks. Was going about 55mph through those whoops.
  11. Thanks! Just tested the truck at sycamore
  12. Installed coilovers with bypasses
  13. So, what begs the question, can a 4door shortbed F-250 make it? 3in lift and 35s.
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