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  1. you pay the same amount for that price of the cert when you get that tire certed out. So lets say I have certs on my bfg 31s at 23 a tire then I have to cert it out I then have to pay that same amount for a new tire to have certs on that tire. I could be wrong though, I just work in the shop at Discount. not the counter.
  2. to add to what KSmith said, what I did was go to a best buy and try each tablet see if the gps could get a signal through the building ( with wifi off) it was hit and miss on the tablet getting a signal, but some heavy research will show what tablets have what. there are apps that use the gps signal from your phone and connects to your tablet via wifi, sending the gps signal to the tablet. so if you already got a tablet that turned out it doesn't have a built in gps.
  3. we had a good trip out there this past weekend and I do have a trip file for anyone who wants it just PM me and I can send you my email to send it on over. here is just a few of the photos we focused on a lot of the swansea buildings including the pump house which is up by the bill Williams river i think north of Swansea like you are going to the above ground gas line. it was pretty deep there going to the pump house Friday morning at the pump house overlooking the area the river may have been a little deeper then when you guys went on the north west side of the lake, lets just say it was perfect here we had our own little peninsula we just had to do a little bush whacking to get it. going to the historic bill William crossing north of the lake, at the mine here on the way.
  4. Well I turned that .gdb into a gpx file so problem solved! thank you for all the help guys. When we get back ( Lynn is part of our group) I will offer my tracks/ waypoints to whoever may need them and post pictures up.
  5. Curly is sending me a file. I'm not sure if that's Jim or not but I will have it here shortly.
  6. what if you need to run a "softer" pressure with those, there is no chance of that. atleast if you use there on a truck or suv and wheel it.
  7. looks like fun I can't wait to hit this trail next week. who has the GPS tracks for this?
  8. I must say I do like this, although that bling rims might be better for some mall crawling. Haha
  9. ok sweet thanks, idk if you saw my post about getting a track file of your trip aswell? in a .kml or .gpx would be great.
  10. I am wondering if any one who is familiar with the area around Lake Alamo could give me some information of this hidden red rock canyon. all I have seen regarding this is just the one picture everythign else is talking about Sedona AZ. thanks, -James
  11. I will be heading out to this area for Thanksgiving would anyone who's going mind doing a gps track of the trip in a kml or gpx file so I could go over it before we head out there. Get some last minute ideas on things to do, that mine with the shelf road sounds interesting, especially after all the easy dirt roads. Thanks -James
  12. Your factory jack should still work. If you really want a scissor style snag one out of a minivan in a junkyard. There was no pricing on their website without asking them so my guess is its a pretty penny.
  13. tired it on my BCN on my s3 and it works great GPX and KML files work on it. i just had to look in extSDcard not sdcard, damn android sweet i will let my buddy know and as long as i get the time off from work we should be good. hopefully its going to be more the n 2 people in group.
  14. ok sweet i will have to try opening that on the tablet tonight. second thing is there any permits of sorts or adventure passes needed for this area of AZ? edit: tired it on my BCN on my s3 and it works great, GPX and KML files work on it. i just had to look in extSDcard not sdcard, damn android
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