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  1. Nice! Good thing your exhaust is point downwards, our GC has the exhaust pointing straight out and found one corner of the waterproof bag closest to the exhaust melted from the heat
  2. Would have loved to do this easy one but our schedule didn't permit. Next time
  3. I also used the one Diane linked above... and some other free online ones just to mix up the questions a bit.
  4. reybie

    Meet Casper!

    Mmm, nice, my color
  5. Never been to Moab, we need an easy trip there so we can take our limo lol.
  6. Very nice pics! Thank you for sharing.
  7. Thank you for the pointer. We ended up booking a small cottage on airbnb, good price and we decided to stay 2 nights so the shower is a plus! Looking forward to take a short break from the heat. The pay campgrounds around the area are booked, everyone wants to cool down in the mountains for a bit I guess.
  8. Wow, you're not kidding about being popular! No sites for August 3rd/4th.
  9. We are heading to Pinetop for one of Cheryl's activity this coming August. It starts early Saturday morning so we thought maybe drive up there early afternoon on Friday and camp overnight (probably in our GC). Anyone know of a spot we can set up camp overnight so we don't have get up before the chickens. Thanks!
  10. Very cool, I had no idea what Apache Tears were until I read the thread
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