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  1. Won't be able to make it, will watch out for an easy ride next time Enjoy the cooler weather!
  2. I'd like to tag along for some 2wdriving! Tentative for now
  3. Hmm I like the GoTreads one in the first post, small enough to just leave in the back trunk in case I need some extra traction.
  4. I've been slacking and forgot to post this. I went and took the GC to another shop that does mainly alignments (that should teach me lol). It drives much better now. The wider rubber does feel a little bit different coming from mud terrains.
  5. After debating on using aftermarket assembly, I decided to just spend $40 and get the headlights restored again. The headlight assembly I've been looking at on Amazon disappeared and changed names on me so that wasn't a good sign . This time I might try and put the clear bra (ppf) on the headlights only and see if that lasts longer.
  6. Is that the detached garage?!
  7. LOL, thinking the same thing, but by the looks of the lot, there's plenty of space to turn around
  8. Montana Mountain was our very first adventure in our stock GC since it was really close to AJ. We were not ready, or I was not ready for the short span of river rocks close to the end of the trail lol. That was a little rocky for our rig and we weren't aired down.
  9. Got called in for work tomorrow, hope to get to that peak one of these days.
  10. Ok, thanks. I will have to get this checked out.
  11. I lost some height and gained width. #1 is the MT, #2 is the Falken. Right now about 32PSI
  12. Looking for input from you guys more mechanically inclined than me lol. I noticed after the tire change a month or so ago that at higher speeds (65+) the jeep doesn't feel as firm to the ground as it used to. I had an alignment done at the local Big O and that helped some but still doesn't feel like before. Maybe the old MTs were too dang rough I didn't notice? Naah. I'm going to have the tires rebalanced in the next couple of days to see if it helps.
  13. Add us please. Maybe things are slightly back to normal by this time.
  14. Been meaning to post a pic, the new tire set is wider by a tad compared to the MTs but SOOOO much quieter.
  15. Was that a drop? That looks scary, not sure I would have followed lol.
  16. That's almost the same one I used on my first go round. Headlights turned out decent but my arms were bum for a couple of days LOL
  17. Good info... hmm this is not good, if I have the headlights replaced, I might get tempted to have the grill replaced also or have it painted properly . Thanks for the links and the tip on Spyder.
  18. Does anyone have leads on someone that does headlight restoration? The haze on my headlight is just bugging me. I had tried to do it myself before but it just takes too much time for me so I'd rather just pay someone to do it. If I remember correctly, this would be the third time, I'm not sure what it is that makes it haze/fog up so fast. I saw some aftermarket ones on Amazon but I was told that those aren't DOT approved or something like that so I scrapped that idea.
  19. Wow Kris. Do you have build plans floating above you while you're sleeping?
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