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  1. Has there been a change in when we sign up for trips? I see where signups are being taken now for 2018.
  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes Look forward to seeing you on the trails.
  3. Please remove jeep4fun off the list. Too close to the due date of our newest grandson. Have fun. Dave
  4. Thanks for the pictures! Looks like it was a fun trip.
  5. Just bought two 3 gallon RotopaX fuel packs, but both were defective and had to send them back. On one, the spout was about 1/4 inch too long and the cap wouldn't screw down to the locking ring. The other one leaked. Interested in other's experiences with these products. Wondering if it is worth a 2nd try.
  6. Wonderful pictures, Karen, and the trip was divine. Beautiful scenery, wonderful group of people, good food and awesome jeeping adventure. Thanks!
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