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  1. I think the first thing I am going to do is replace the switch because its not sitting right in the housing anymore and that link you sent me (Big thank you btw) said that the switch is not repairable.
  2. Hey everyone, my rear wipe switch will still dispense wiper fluid but it wont turn the wiper on anymore ... any suggestions?
  3. Oh, and I think I put this in the wrong thread ... Sorry LOL
  4. On my way to school tonight I saw a nicely set up Suzuki Samurai lifted... had to give the guy a thumbs up, he was sitting just a little taller than my stock TJ w/ 31inch tires LOL... this pic is as close as I could get, his was white with a black top and the square lights on the hood by the windshield were big and round.
  5. Oh yeah, weather here sucks for sure ... if it wasnt for having so much family in this area we would be living out in AZ.
  6. Thats only 4 hours 27 mins north of me
  7. I work security on midnights and when I got off I went down to the creek area on the property and took this pic with my cell ... Its a real nice area especially in the spring when all the green comes out. There are a couple of little trails and stuff out there but not much ... Just thought it was a good place for a pic.
  8. 32" tires From This morning A couple of days after I got it... The Wife's Liberty...
  9. Sorry, George, its not a 4 banger, its the I6 but I considered taking the wrangler sticker off... You see, the "Sport" sticker was taken off one side because the previous owner had put a new fender on and re painted but the other side still had the sport so I took it off. And its 5 speed manual ... yeah, I dont know if I really want any "body" damage ... I really would like to do trail rides but nothing where I have the fear of rolling over.
  10. I have a kit down in Southern MO that has candles down there and I used Cigar tubes, the hard ones and made sure to keep them with the wick up and they melted a little but they didnt get all deformed and such... just a thought.
  11. I didnt know this was based outta AZ, Just thought it was a real good looking Jeep forum ... but I would LOVE to come out there and Jeep. And here it is 3 days after I bought it ... it was 60 degrees in the day and in the upper 40's at night but I had to get that top off! LOL
  12. Thats a really good idea ... the sun just bakes on thoes hard tops.
  13. Hey, My name is Chris. We purchased a 03 liberty in July of 02 because it was a compromise between what I wanted (a TJ) and What she wanted (a Vibe) and now she fell in love with it. Late Sept. of 09 I was finally able to purchase a 99 TJ for myself and the wife LOVES it. I have a couple of little girls (6 and 3) who are my world and my 6yo Emma told me that when she gets old enough to drive the wrangler is hers LOL.
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