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  1. No others like to test the App here? in Europe, Asia or even south america are more users online than in the us Here are the link to the Appstores, for those who dont want to read the review: https://www.surletapisduvent.fr/travelersmap/travelersmap.html Surfy
  2. Good everything runs well! For that I did carry a Delorme (Garmin) inReach at 2012 at my Transafrica and at 2015 for my south america journey. If something went wrong, you are happy you just have to press "sos" and a help signal with coordinates are sent automatically. Travelling without out of cell coverage is asking for the darwin award - at least in my eyes.... Surfy
  3. Happy Birthday from switzerland! Surfy
  4. Which one’s AWD system is better in large premium SUV class? You’ll find the answer in this video: Land Cruiser 200, GLS 450, LX 570, QX80, Range Rover, BMW X7, G63 in absolutely stock configuration: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2021/02/2021-Video-Vergleich-akuelle-SUV-offroad-fahigkeiten.html?m=0 Do we still need lockers on newer cars with 4x4 drive? Guess most of us - not... Surfy
  5. For my Trips like Transafrica, south america and europe I did use an MT Tyre, the Cooper STT 285 / 70 / R17 As long they are not aged, they was ok in Snow, good on roads and very good a muddy terrain. Rated till 99.4 mp/h (160 km/h). But unfortunately they are end of life. Also with my decent offroad usage - over the past 8 years and 68000 miles, too many roads was used. The next Plan is to driver the Transsibiria, the northern path compared to the silkroad. There I will hit roads like the BAM / ROB Video which may be harder than the stuff I did in the past. What tyre would you mount for tracks like this? Depending from the long wheelbase my car is a bit to big and heavy for that purpose, but because of the availability of spares tyres in remote ares - I probably should stay with 33" on 17" Rims. Definitively it has to be an MT, also if there is maybe 50% road on that journey. My Cooper STT are end of life New there are available: Cooper STT Pro or Cooper MTT Evolution. This is the Tyre Pattern von the MT Evolution: Does anyone has used this tyre? What tyre would you use for that purpose? Surfy
  6. Food for 4 days bring some weight.. packitgourmet.com like mentioned will be lightweight and is a meal. Add too Jearky dry meat, student food Surfy
  7. Wow, cool Mileage! And completely stock configuration! Guess I never will get such a deal - too much customisation on my Landcruiser. Surfy
  8. Thanks for the hints 4x4tographer! The rules get more any year. Starting from 2021 you need a flying licence in Europe (EU). With exceptions for drones below 250g. m Not so heavy to optain, but for a foreign traveller another thing wo has to be prepared. Surfy
  9. Here I did collect information about travelling with drones. About people who got fined, got to jail and the rules. It helps to be prepared. This Map by visualcapitaslist helps to get an idea about where more preparations is useful. If you are not on a worldtrip - you will need more preparation. Then the details counts too. That Equador raises a heavy fee is well known, that drones are forbidden at the Galapagos (Equador) or at Machu Picchu (Peru) - such stuff is not shown. Too such a map will outdate pretty soon, or is already outdated. Article: Travelling with a Drone On a worldtrip it is not possible to prepare any country that detailed! Sorry for all who think thats has to be done - we can talk after you did a >10 country and 6 months trip about. I did too link a video about - why it is beautiful to document your journey too by drone. There is a translate Button to the right Surfy
  10. Very funny! Thanks for sharing it. We dont need lockers, we need transformers! Surfy
  11. Also clean overlanding has his own limits. Even if anyone dig his sh*t - what most of us would call "clean" or zero trace. If enough people will visit the place - it will be over-used. There are solution around for that purpose too: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2020/05/die-perfekte-reise-camping-toilette-wc.html My opinion: For places with higher people count and an landscape who needs more time for regeneation, the gouverment should organice facilities/estrooms/transbins and cleaning - and an entry fee... Surfy
  12. We did it the first time between christmas - it is a very nice hobbie together with skying in wintertime! Here a small review (tranlsate Button to the right) https://www.4x4tripping.com/2021/01/schneeschuh-wandern-ein.html?m=0 Who did it try too? Surfy
  13. I did test it deeper: 1L Water at Room temperature (20degres celsius) till coocking. 79% charged at beginning 53% charged at the end Difference 26% The time wasnt same impressive 12 min for 1 Liter. If I compare the ammount of effort to boil water, this way it is more relaxed compared to a jetboil (gas) or Coleman Dual fuel (gasoline) My temporary solution we bought in Congo - is also easyer and a lot quicker ^^ Just because of that, I dont carry them with me ;-) Final words: I would never ever would take a water heater with me, when travelling the world by a Land Cruiser. That is fancy shit for motorhomes... At the end we want to be able to drive offroad - that is the reason why we try to save weight. Why we buy these energy boxes. We dont buy them to carry an additional water heater.. In my Article you find informations how the Inverter is able to handle that load. These Energy box is in my focus, because we dont need the inverter anymore. Even any modern notebook can be charged by usb-c directly (12v). In my personal usecase I would just use the inverter rarely to charge my drone... And just for that. So I`m wondering, how we can test these box with the 12v ability?? Surfy
  14. The first view tests did run very well. The embedded 220v Inverter even fire up my Water heater who is rated for 1800W. And the embedded USB-C Port with 100W is able to charge any modern notebook like the Lenovo Yoga X1 (Gen5) or MacBook Pro (2020). Here you find some more impressions: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2020/12/ecoflow-r600-pro-erster-eindruck.html Surfy
  15. Charging my current setup in wintertime - was one of the first steps
  16. It did arrive yesterday - too bad that we have winter and snow here in switzerland, not the best time for overlanding ;D Can these small unit really replace my aged, but well designed Power Setup in my rig? Here I did compare the R600Pro to other brands bevore I did order: Crowdfunding: Ecoflow R600 Solarbatterie vs Goalzero 400 First Impression: Wall charging is pretty fast and yes it charges my Mac Book pro directly with USB-C - no nasty 220 Power Adapter needed. I`m very curious! I will test it in detail over the winter time in detail. You can add some wishes, what I have to test Surfy
  17. It depends a lot on you, how you love the V8 Power and the terrain, low range and sand lead to a higer usage. During the transafrica it was: 16.55 l/100km (liters per 100 kilometers) 14.21 mpg, m/g (miles per US gallon) As you can see, the transafrica was partly speedy with vmax of 167.4 km/h what is 104 miles per hour and with a lot of sand /mud and the use of low range With relaxed driving style like it is legal in the US (60 miles on highways), the car uses around 12l per 100km, what is 19.60 mpg, m/g (miles per US gallon) Surfy
  18. Landcruiser Diesel V8, 8 Seats, AHC (Active Hight Control), Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), Crawl, JBL 14-Sound-System, Iphone Integration, USB Connection, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation, Roof Window, 14 Airbags, Pre Crash Safety System, 4 Zonen Aircon, Traktionscontrol (A-TRAC, ESP). Modifikationen: ARB Sahara Front Bar Warn Winch 9.5 XP AHC Suspension upgrade (5.1to) Schnorcel Kaymar rear tyre holder 33" MT - Cooper STT 285/70/R17 Additional Fueltank 180l ARB Difflocks Front/Rear Underbody Armor Mike Sanders conservation Parkheating Unit (Webasto Top Evo) Econ*Lock Automatiksteuerung Bolivien Schweiz Frontscheibenwechsel in Afrika Benin Argentinien Kamerun Bulgarien Peru Argentinien/Chile Island Somewhere in Peru Anden Indian Summer (Peru) Containerized Breakfast - has not to be poor on our trips Südafrika Namibia Kongo Rumänien Argentinien Chile Chile Chile Bolivien The Pictures are taken out of my Traveblogs: Blog Overlanding and Shorttrips : https://www.4x4tripping.com/ Transafrica Blog (20`500km) 2012: http://transafrica2012.blogspot.com/ Iceland (6000 km) 2014 : https://www.4x4tripping.com/2015/06/reisetipp-island-mit-dem-4x4.html Southamerica Blog (36`000km) 2015: http://adventure-overland.blogspot.com/ Europe 2019 (7000 km): https://www.4x4tripping.com/2020/10/reisetipp-osteuropa-mit-dem-4x4.html Schweden 2020 (6000 km): not online yet The vehicle is now over 8 Years and did pass the 100`000km on the clock. Over the past years we did live over an year inside of our Landcruiser. We still are planning new trips Now the car has just two seats left, but is very usable also during daily life at home. Normal size for garages and parking lots, parking sensors, komfort for riding - what do we need more? Because I`m pretty active here, you may know severall of the pictures and travelling Reports. Surfy
  19. In German language: Reisetipp: Osteuropa mit dem 4x4 Maybe also some german speakers are around here
  20. In 2019 I was alone with the 4x4 on a small overlanding tour for over two months. Via the Engadin and Samnaun we went in the direction of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgarians to the sea, Romania, Hungary back to Austria. I didn't track the route exactly, but I should have exceeded 7000km. A few more pictures and more detailed: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2020/10/rei ... 4.html? M = 0 You can see from the length of the travel report that I didn't blog every day... Mostly I did wildcamping in the nature, sleeping inside of my Landcruiser 200. Surfy
  21. At home I`m searching usually nature, quiteness and beeing lonely for shorter tripps. But on extended travelling after 5-10 days in just nature and dont meetup other people, this app will be very nice to connect. Hope that the users will grow fast international! Surfy
  22. In the distant foreign country it would be nice to see which traveler is also nearby. Be it to chat briefly about the easiest border crossing, security situation, visa situation or just to have a beer together and spend a sociable evening. Something like that is missing, discovered two travelers on their tour in the Stans and Iran and after their trip they developed the appropriate app: Travelers Map (iOS; Android) In times of the ever-extensive mobile Internet with 3G / 4G - you might find support in the event of a breakdown or similar. In the app itself, after creating the account, you will be displayed rather imprecisely, in a 10km radius (not centered on you), for your own safety and so that your camp does not increase unintentionally. The app only activates the GPS briefly every 3 hours and is therefore not particularly power hungry. If you record each other as favorites, you can also share the location more precisely. Currently, more Vanlife users seem to be using the whole thing, most users are in France, Germany and Switzerland - but the app is also brand new. But you can tag you too as biker, and too looking just for these. Click here for the review: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2020/08/vanlife-overlanding-andere-reisende-treffen.html There is a translate Button to the right. As soon as it gets more remote, outside the travel season, in distant countries, whether I'm traveling alone or with my girlfriend - something like that was really missing - and we will certainly use the app on the next long-term trip (Silk Road) from time to time. What do you think? Why I didnt had that idea by my own - was my first one!
  23. a bit over-done... Not much.. Looks pretty lightweight Surfy
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