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  1. Personally I use two 15l Engel Boxed, one as fridge, one as cooling box. Compared to other brands i safed a lot of height. From Waeco is a "Drawer-Style" cooling box (non fridge) availabel who allows you to safe much more height at sample - than in my build. That gives enough space to sleep comfortable there. We life two months in this car on our transafrica. There is no perfect solutions arround - just good compromises. Surfy
  2. Overall there are more people out there, who use a tent, rooftent, trailer and so on. But some of us plan to sleep too inside of the car. This need a careful planning about, how to use the limited space. Here i try to do an kind of compilation of sleeping plattform samples. Many links to websites and comunities who did their own collection of sleeping plattforms. Here you will find many ideas, how others solve their plans to sleep inside with 1-3 Persons. That is very helpful to find some inspiration if you plan on your own buildup. Article: 4x4tripping.com How to sleep inside of the car - the sleeping plattform Maybe it is helpful for your own planning Surfy
  3. To be prepared is very important. I suggests to buy a two way satellite Messager instead of a Spot device, because this way you can chat to family or GEOS response center. But a spot is better than nothing for shure. Just for those who plan to buy such a device, they should consider too these newer 2-Way Satellite Messager devices. This way friends and family can contact you if something needs your attention. Too it allows livetracking and so on. So you can call for that help you need, not just sent an "SOS" signal. Also a strong laser pointer can help you out there, to get "far away" attention at night. Unfortunately these satphone contracts are too expensive to hold just as "standby" help Surfy
  4. Give MotionX HD a try! But here in this thread are nice tools listened too, what i will have to test Surfy
  5. This driving school is just virtual, but with beautiful classic cars, a wonderful landscape and a crazy hairstyle. You are invited to a driving lesson: 4x4tripping: Offroad training and school I think I have not promised too much? Surfy
  6. That depends on the quality of your connection, and the network. In City areas not more than 2-3 minutes. But these Downloads you can do once at home - and dont have to repeat it during your journey There is an app i had used a lot in asia, laos: "No Signal" for apple iOS Devices. It gives you a voice notice if you loose wifi or phone connection, and notice you when you optain back a signal. It is free. There is a new app of the same guy called "Signal Alert" who costs arround 1 USD. But i just have tested the free one Laos had a very bad 3G Network and Phone Network coverage, there this app was very helpful. What other apps do you are using? Help us other readers Surfy
  7. Here are my favorite top 10 list of apps for travelling overland abroad. Some of these apps are very useful because they offer access also while offline, others are helpful because they give you more out of a bad internet connection, or to stay in contact with your family and friends. Like a Wifi-Scanner who shows you where you can get internet access, or an app who compress any internet traffic. I`m pretty shure that there are apps on this list you didnt know or functions of known apps who are new to you. Since I currently mostly use iOS devices (iPad, iPhone), this top list is done for these iOS based devides. But you should be able to find similar functionality too on Android or Windows based phones or tablets. Here is the article: 4x4tripping: The 10 most important apps for Overlanders Since it is expensive to try out many apps arround travelling, i think these lists are helpful for other travellers. So if you think that you know an App who should be named there too- please write a comment or post here your suggestions. Surfy
  8. It speaks nothing against portability. But you can do a box by your own. Use an Solenoid Use a Booster afterwards who also load the battery on an extended cable lenght. Use a propper Sinus inverter with an amount of power who fits you needs. Use an MPP Solar Charger you select from these with the best values for your need Use the best components available.. Mostly this solution dont add more money to the bill - at the end. Surfy
  9. Do you really need the "portable" Part, or do you build a setup which will stay in the car? I read mixed experiences, have a read by yourself at the expo portal. I have used a national luna ppp in my buildup. It is good. Anyway, if i would build a new car from scratch - i would do it by myself... Or let do it with components i want, and not such a "all in one" box... http://www.4x4tripping.com/2013/04/batterie-trennsystem-gunstig-selber.html Looks not to hard to do.. Surfy
  10. I recently damaged my steel winch cable because of abusing.. A new "good" dynema rope was above 240 USD.. The original steel rope from warn was at 50 USD. Therefore i go again with steel... It is 6kg heavier, you better use gloves during winching - but they dont broke like synthetic rope, if it dont has damage from other winching sessions. Surfy
  11. That was our first overlanding trip as the car was near finished - to test our setup for africa. I just add this to show some pictures of switzerland too. Not all is muddy here, we can choose. But much much is forbidden - you have to look how to avoid the "forbidden" signs.. Surfy
  12. This was near Basel, on the border of Switzerland to france. I love these wheeling threads from the US and other destinations too! We did some years ago a loop between Vegas, Salt Lake City and San Francisco with a lot of national parks - but with 3 weeks the time was not enough. My dream is to ship the car to south america, and doing the panamerica upwards. Surfy
  13. Hi all Near 1 year ago we start our journey with a well prepared land cruiser. We wrote a daily diary, and add too some pictures for each day: http://transafrica2012.blogspot.com Enyoj :-) Surfy
  14. MotionX is named here severall times.. But i want to show you a special feature of it - the custom map funcationality.. For navigate abroad, follow some small tracks normal Road Navigation Apps or units like Garmin Nüvi don't really works well. Maybe some people here now the history of the App MotionX who allows us to download really huge areas of Google/Bing-Maps for offline use. At the end of 2011 google insists that the Appmakers has to disable this Option. At the end of 2012 also Bing dont allow to download huge areas - and MotionX had to disable this with a new Version. But let us talk about today and not about the history MotionX is not just an App for showing different Maps and views, it is too an Trackrecorder, let you import / export Tracks and Waypoints, let you share your tracks. The app maker now found a lucrative way out of the download restrictions. Through an in-App purchase about 5 USD you can unlock the function "Custom Maps " That allows you to enter the Tiles / Map server you need. When you enable the switch to be able to download the source from that server - you had to accept that you will respect the legal rights of the provider. A smart move - to now the user can enter the tiles / map server he wants and the Map Provider would have to complain at the enduser when he don't respect the legal issues. MotionX is not responsible for what the user may enter there, they just offer a option. What does that mean for us? We can download Google / Bing / NavTec Maps and Satellite view for orientation abroad far from internet coverage. It is just something for orientation - it has no turn to turn navigation like the Navigon, TomTom or Garmin App (or Navigation-Units). It can help you there where the normal road navigation usually end, can help you to find a spot for a wild camp at sample, where there is no house/hats on the satellite view. If you like more informations: http://www.4x4tripping.com/2013/10/offroad-navigation-mit-motionx-custom.html There you find too some useful Tile / Map Server. We did navigate with that solution during our Transafrica specially at central africa in Cameron, Congo and DrCongo you cannot buy better GPS Maps. To repeat - this is not for normal road navigation. This solution help you there where you don't have other sources and where you don't have a 3G /4G / LTE mobile network. For Road Navigation you better use an App like "Navigon" with a good POI Database for ATM, Fuelstations, Police, Hospitals and to can use point to point navigation on the roads. There are also solution for Android Phones around, but unfortunately not that easy like showed above, specially if you like to download really huge areas. MotionX also don't restrict the download speed, it deliver what the provider has to give. Anyway I suggests to download just that areas you really need, because it need some time anyway... Surfy
  15. I was long time just a silent reader, but i want to get more active now :-) Greetings from Switzerland Here are some recent pictures from an outing Surfy
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