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  1. is up. Stop on over and check us out. http://www.azohvc.com/
  2. If you guys are going to be attending please post here. We really need your input on these areas. Thanks
  3. The AZOHVC has been working to get some documents ready for two projects and am at the point we need to get input from everyone to finish the last stages. So we have set up a meeting in a place that we will have plenty of room if needed. Please respond to let me know if you are going to attend. I hope no one minds, but with all of our schedules being so crazy we are going to cover both areas in the one night. We will start with an over voew of both places and what our needs are, and then will set aside time for each area to be reviewed on its own. Also if needed we could offer child care, just need to know if it is needed. Bradshaw Foothills In the area between Wickenburg and Table Mesa Road in the Bradshaw Foothills there are a ton of trails. It is one of the next areas that we will be working on with the BLM to log trails and work through the process for a travel management plan. I have maps that have the trails that are known at this time, we need to have everyone that wheels this area make sure our inventory is up to date so that we can get these trails included and as open trails. Please don't turn this into another discussion on giving up trails. I know the reasons why people don't want to give up some secret trails, I do respect your reasons, but know if they are not on the map, they are not approved and thus looked at by land management as closed and you can get a ticket for being on it. I do feel that with all the Phoenix BLM has done to keep trails open over the last couple years with the new manager we should give them a chance. If you feel you should not I respect your reasons and request that we don't turn this into an argument, feel free to ignore this request. White Tanks We need to wrap up a few details on this so we can move forward with getting access of Watson Road. We need a plan of action that will start with getting a club or clubs to volunteer as an adopt a ranch program. The responsibilities will include traveling along the access road granted and keeping it clean. We will need to give a distance of maybe 20 feet on either side of the access road that we will maintain. We will take the plan of action to the BLM, get their approval we can use the trails. We will be looking to have grants cover cost or putting in signs along the road telling people they must stay on the road. We will also be looking to have grants help with putting down dust suppressant on the access road, which will help the city and get their buy in. If you put in at least 5 miles of suppressant down on roads every year there is something in the law that may get you outof having to pay fines. I also want to review the trail list I have to ensure we have everything on the list. I will use the propsal we completed for the previous submission to the City of Buckeye as our starting point. Please some prepared with maps, suggestions and what you are willing to do to help in these areas. Place: Apostles Lutheran Church Time: 6pm - 8pm Address: 7020 W. Cactus Road, Peoria AZ Directions: It is West of 67th Ave on the North Side of Cactus. It is in the Family Life Center (Gym) which is in the North West portion of the campus.
  4. Ok, for those that can, I apologize for the short notice. We are in need of letters to support the grant that will fund maintenance on FR42. These letters can be individual or from your Jeep club. Deadline is I need them tonight, sorry. Please put them a club letter head if you have it, if not make it a personal letter. email to: Gursh1spud@aol.com My1stJeep@excite.com Sample information you can include: Tonto National Forest CC district. This is heavy maintenance of routes on the north side of Bartlett Dam Road that have not been open in over 5 years. This will allow these repaired routes to reopen in a BULL DOG CANYON fashion....ie a combo will be give at ranger station to access the trails gates. This will include the very popular trail 42 the 4x4 clubs have missed for so long. "our club enjoys the routes on the north side of Bartlett Dam road and have missed the runs on these routes since they closed in 2005 due to the fire damage, we would very much appreciate these routes being open again to the public"We support the work recommended in this project. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for those that see this in time and can help.
  5. March 19, 2010 - Coconino National Forest, located in Coconino and Yavapai Counties in Arizona, has published a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for its Travel Management Plan. Currently, the Coconino National Forest does not have a forestwide designated road or trail system and cross-country motorized travel is permitted except in areas that are signed closed or restricted to seasonal use. Among the alternative proposals in the DEIS, the preferred plan would provide the least amount of access for motorized use. If approved, the DEIS would: 1. Designate 3,280 miles of roads as open to the public and prohibit cross-county travel off of designated roads and motorized trails; 2. Add 64 miles of user-created routes as roads and provide over 600 miles of corridor for motorized dispersed camping alongside certain designated roads; 3. Include 25 miles of existing trails; and 4. Designate 13,700 acres as open for OHV use. Comments on the DEIS will be accepted until May 17, 2010. It is important that OHV enthusiasts get involved in the designation process by contacting Forest staff. Comments may be submitted by email to CNFtravelcomments@fscomments.org, by fax to 916-456-6724 or by mail to: CNF Travel CommentsP.O. Box 1919Sacramento, CA 95812 Additional information found online: View Full Text of DEIS; Supporting Documents; and Maps http://www.arra-access.com/site/R?i=...MysPqKfY5QZ3pQ.. For further information, please contact Jim Beard at Coconino National Forest at 928-527-3474.
  6. so does anyone have any feedback on the report? Any hints, tips, tricks or ideas?
  7. FR 42 IS NOT OPEN. If you guys go out there and run it you will ruin our chance of getting it open. PLEASE DO NOT RUN THE TRAIL!
  8. Sorry for the delay on this guys, gals too. Been sick all week Any how the below link is the "State of the State" address released by your freindly Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition. Its was authored by Mr. Jeff Gursch. I can say for a one-hundred percent fact this man does more for ohv rights than anyone in Arizona. So give it a read and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them up here. It is a breif synopsis of whats going on in the ohv world. Thanks in advance, Brandon http://www.azohvc.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=YjkutWIkToE%3d&tabid=36&mid=370
  9. I would like to announce a contest for best decorated collection jar. Details in the link below The rules are pretty simple: Best jar wins! Prize will be a set af staun tire deflators. Contest ends March 31, 2010. So post up your pics.... http://www.virtualjeepclub.com/showt...ght=collection
  10. This road will need "some" improvements. Gate at the beginning for one. I don't know who you spoke with, I hope you do, because this road is not open, to my knowledge. The is a preliminary run that has to be run for the evaluation of this trail. The azohvc had to file for a special permit to run the trail for evaluation permits. Dont get me wrong, I hope your correct. I would double check that info and write down the name of your contact person. Thanks and sorry to burst the bubble
  11. I would like to thank everyone who has written a letter on fr 42. They are having a positive impact. Anyone who hasnt written a letter yet, it would be greatly appreciated if you could get one in tonight. The AZOHVC has a meeting with tonto tomorrow morning and the more letters the better. Thanks again!
  12. Good morning everyone. Thought for a change that we would push to see if we can't get some positive re-enforcment out there. Currently FR42 is being reviewed to be re-opened. The AZOHVC is working to prepare a grant that would allow for trail maintenance for FR42 and everything towards the lake. It is looking really good, but this is where everyone who loves FR42 can make a difference. A letter of encouragement to The Tonto National Forest Service would help the process and might just help working out the kinks. Please be sure to change the example, make it your own, add as much as you want to say, keep it POSITIVE and in regards to this trail/area. tpike@fs.fed.us Example: Dear Tammy Pike, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your consideration in re-opening FR42 and the surrounding trails. This area offers myself and my family the ability to get out and enjoy what the Tonto National Forest has to offer for an outdoor experience and the opportunity as a family to enjoy quality time together. We really appreciate your hard work in taking this and consideration for this area. Thanks, Your Name __________________ Chris 4 Bangers Rule!!! AzA My1stJeep@excite.com This is a repost from vjc. Any help would be appreciated in this matter. Thanks in advance
  13. http://www.virtualjeepclub.com/showthread.php?t=54241 Granted its another site, im sure you have seen it already. You should look at it if you havent already.
  14. another trick are the bertolli pasta dinners they cook in one pan and have meat.
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