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  1. I have a trashroo in excellent condition only been used twice
  2. All three of you guys do a great job i'm good with whatever you choose!
  3. Thanks Kris for putting this class together!! you did a awesome job!
  4. Great info John thanks even if i;m a little mad at mine right now!! LOL
  5. Gunner

    p0432 code

    standard combination wrench. genuine Mopar parts for sensors aftermarkets are not as good!
  6. Thanks everyone!! see you on the trail
  7. Thanks appreciate the info I looked and couldn't find anything on Google about charging except for bad charging port on unit. ended up returning the unit and grabbed something different.. I wish I was computer savvy like you then I probably would have found better info. Lol
  8. what are you doing with the 33" ? i'm looking for some
  9. Gunner

    Paul's 2016 Tacoma

    Hey Paul welcome to the taco world. This is a pic of mine I bought about a year ago
  10. Gunner

    91 xj build

    Hey Scott it's an automatic
  11. Ok thanks Jason was curious I noticed you were running 33's At present time I have a 3 inch lift and want to put 33's on it. So trying to get an idea of wheel well space. Just picked up a 91 Xj
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