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  1. I came up on US 70 today and wanted everyone to know that the gas station in Fort Thomas is closed. The next gas station that is open is in Bylas and I believe it's only unleaded. I didn't see diesel but not positive they don't have any. Bylas is about 12 miles NW of Fort Thomas.
  2. I thought this might interest some of you. http://www.motorhomemagazine.com/rv-travel-news/national-parks-fee-free-days-set-for-2013/#.UOPhCXrEyRE.facebook
  3. Nothing else needs to be changed, it's very easy. All your steering, brake lines, and suspension stays the same. You don't even need to get an alignment. I put 4.56 gears in but you are fine if you have stock 3.73's. I started with stock 3.21 gears, they worked with the bigger tires but not well.
  4. George, JKGoose, Savage Sun, and I put my Tera flex 2.5" lift on my Jeep in about 3 hours or so in the driveway with no special tools. I could easily put a 35" tire on mine but I went with a 33". When you decide to upgrade your tires I wouldn't go any smaller then a 33" because the price difference between a 32 and 33" is minimal, plus ascetically the 33" looks better. The biggest reason though is that even though it's only 1/2" higher you can go over A LOT more stuff. Just my .02
  5. BALLJOINTNUT please PM me or start a thread about some quail hunting. I need a good spot too.
  6. Hey K dude. I'm going to be up there for the weekend and I'm going to try to meet up with you. Don't wait for me or anything but I'll probably meet you after breakfast for the run.
  7. I know a really good guy not to far from you. His name is Scott and his shop is next to the car wash on the southeast corner of Baseline and Power in Mesa. He's done a couple of my cars and a lot of friends also. Does a good job and has reasonable prices. Let me know if you would like his contact info.
  8. I have a Wilderness Roof Rack part #34087 for a 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ. This is brand new never used rack with all of the parts except for the hardware. I do have the list of bolts that are missing and they are common and could be purchased anywhere for probably around $20 or so. I also have the installation instructions. This rack sells on the web for $838.99 plus shipping on the web. I am asking $500 and it would need to be picked up. I could meet you locally. If you have the ability I think you could make this work on your TJ without to much trouble. It looks like just the front A pillar connections are different. You can PM me, call, or text. 480-327-7203. If I don't answer please leave a message and I'll call you back right away.
  9. We made it home Sunday night about 830 with no traffic problems. There was heavy traffic around Black Canyon but it moved well. Thanks for the fun weekend and hope to see you all very soon on another trail.
  10. Yah, top 5! Does that make me a "Charter Member"?
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