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  1. We'll be there! We can bring the buns (just let us know the total when we're a few days out) and we'll bring cookies and chips & homemade salsa. Is this the same trail as the night run we did? (This is Ann Marie asking LOL)
  2. What a story! I hope not all easy forest service roads are like that. LOL Thanks for sharing the lessons learned and great ideas for what to consider for future trips. Glad you're all ok.
  3. We'll be there! Please put us down for 3. We'll bring ketchup, mustard, relish and mayo plus chips and homemade salsa and hopefully cookies!!!!! Let us know if you need a table. Looking forward to it!!
  4. What a fun weekend catching up with good friends and meeting those new to the group. Thanks to all who helped put this together and those who were there. Here's a few pics from the weekend.
  5. We plan to meet up tomorrow afternoon with GetNOut. Hope to get spots at Burro Creek campground but may need to go with plan B if full. Look for Riddler aka Doyle with RV and white Rubicon and GetNOut will have their Lance trailer and white 4Runner. Anyone else camping out?
  6. Sign us up! We'll be there. We'll bring a side, not sure what yet but something in addition to chips, homemade salsa and something for the cookie contest. We can bring a table and awning if needed. Is anyone planning on camping out near there Friday and Saturday? Looking for a place for our RV with or without hookups. Thx
  7. Count us in! Looking forward to it. We'll be in an RV . We'll bring an easy up and table for the common area as well. Oh and salsa of course
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