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  1. Wow. Wasn’t sure if I could still log on. Shocking.... Hello all been a little while... Last time I was on here I had a 2000 Limited wj and was in the process of building it back up in hopes of being better then my last wj... one thing lead to another and had to cut my losses. Not just easy fixes but major leave me stranded on the side of the highway hours from home multiple times to finally the transmission taking a dump on me. Having friends that are mechanics did not help my millions of reasons of staying in a jeep... initially ignored them and was saving up waiting for the JL and poof! I’m sitting in a 19 Toyota 4Runner trd premium in dark gray and absorbing how nice it is for the next few days until I drop it off very soon for a complete makeover... getting fuel zephyr d632, Nitto ridge grapplers, icon stage 2, warn bumper with warn vr 10s, victory offroad full roofrack, RSG flat sliders with top plates, trying out the rear window molle panel from Orange Boxx fab. Lastly super dark window tint. Still need a rear bumper, RTT, ladder, full skids for underneath, maybe a rear locking cargo box and fridge. All I wanted was a window tint! I swear... seems the Jeep acronym still in my blood.
  2. I've been researching on doing something like this? I've seen it done on a few land cruisers where they used window struts? I would think this shouldn't be too hard to do on a grand Cherokee wj? Thinking of doing the driver side rear quarter panel? I'm thinking new gasket, window struts, someway to lock it... Anyone thought of this or done it?
  3. Anyone consider doing or done one on their wj? I've always wanted to do some kind of hood vent system and since I can one pretty cheap I'm thinking about it? Something different and seems easy"ish"...
  4. Zeroed in on what soinds like a constant ticking on the top side of the engine. It's not a knocking noise for sure. Feels like I'll be needing to find a mechanic to check on the ?knockers? Possible fuel pump, spark plugs... pretty much a handful of stuff I have no time for. Even worse I'm in a new state, all my tools are 4 states away and I'm in an apartment. Pretty much, I got that horrible ticking noise when I drive which comes and goes. feels like it sputters when driving , when taking a turn and on the highway when I get to about 60mph. Recently it's died on me a few times out of the blue? Especially if I stop too fast? Just gotta find the time to find a good mechanic in my area get it looked over. got a big ol list of things to fix and replace. Being my 2nd grand Cherokee. I thought I new what I was getting into. Never had a problem with my last one. And the more research I'm doing I'm finding out that the 4.7s are problematic?
  5. Sweet. Thanks all. I know I had one of my techs at work use his obd reader and I got a bunch of codes that even he's never seen??? Gotta love jeeps to be going through this and still want to get another one
  6. Any have a jgc wj 4.7 limited with quadratrac II system? I just did a 2.5 inch spacer lift and put on 2657017 on it which are 31.9 10.4 on 17s. So, got them on and now my abs light is pretty much on all the time, feels very sluggish, occasionally in limp mode, and seems to sputter as I step on the gas. Recently, I'm getting a nasty loud clicking/ rattling noise which I think is in the top of the engine somewhere as far as I can tell. Oh and last time on the highway... it jerked violently as if I was clotheslined? Now, ,my last wj was a 2004 Laredo 4.7. Did a 4inch lift and same size tires with no issues. If I remember right they were on stock wheels. The only difference between the 2 is the fact that currently have a limited? I have clue why I'm running into issues on the tires? It was suggested to me to get the super chips flashpaq to help with the shift points? Never once did it ask me to enter the new tire size. But I initially set it up for normal driving. Which it did help with the shift point as far as I could tell. But having all this stuff happen I did reset the tuner back to stock and it's still acting up just not as bad? Everything I'm reading on could be the cv shafts, the ? Ecm and pcu? (Can't remember the 2 names exactly) and possible transmission??? As I'm writing this, I think the abs light was kicking on before the tire change so I'm thinking it's one of things that is just going out? As for everything else I guess I'll have to try and hunt down a good mechanic who can tell me everything wrong with this thing. Figured I'd ask here since there's a good group of wj owners on here hopefully some of these issues sound familiar? guess it's my excuse to getting a Wrangler again
  7. Been a long time trying to post photos on this thing. Well got my tires and spacers on. For some reason, my mechanic talked me into getting a super chips flashpaq to help fix my issue of having the larger tires? It was causing my jeep to move sluggish at high rpms? Limp mode almost. We couldn't figure out why when I had a 2004 Laredo 4.7 4in lift and same tires I never needed one. This one, 2000 Limited 4.7 and I needed a calibrator? Regardless it was a good excuse to get a super chips. Managed to get it tuned and now it's broken. Customer service is a joke with these guys. I be emailed. And called 5xs all of which were 30min waits all without speaking to anyone. Well enough of that rant, Still need to open up the wheel wells a bit. Again trying to come up with way to mount a rtt. I'm thinking I can use the one rails from my last Jeep to have 4 cross rails to mount a tent and have it sitting low to the body and not sticking up too high if I used a roof rack. Thinking of going with the hk offroad tire carrier so I can use the spare tire carrier spot for tools and whatnot. And I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing but working for 4-Wheel parts, I can get complete axles for cheep Now I'm thinking I need 44s front and rear geared and arbs in'em since I'm not planning on going no more them 35s on this. The company has nothing for suspension for was but everything else is super cheep. I just have figure out what I need... I literally thought I'd leave this thing alone Andover crazy on a zj but I just can't seem to let my wife have this??? I literally have tried to get away from jeeps... and... 5jeeps later I still haven't learned #6 is either gonna be a Cherokee truck (Comanche? Can't remember) an xj, or a zj cause I'm still hooked on v8s????
  8. Going with pro Comp mt2. Always had bfg allterrains, we'll see how these go
  9. Anyone have any write ups or where I can watch on how to trim and open the fender wells? I've read and reread the instructions for bushwacker. I want to open the fender wells as much as I can with a clean finish. But I'm not finding anything on how people have finished them off. I can cut them and happier them but I'm worried about the finish as opposed tomgetting the bushwacker flares. I'm not a big fan of dropping 500 I don't need. Not really a fan of how they look
  10. Finally, 8 mos of working at a 4x4 accessory store, I've managed to hunt down some 3-3.5in coil springs, shocks, and for the 1st time... going to try and see how mudterrains work Initial plan was to save up for long arm but I'm getting impatient and haven't been able to explore all the trails around Seattle that my co workers go out to every weekend. still trying to decide on getting another roof rack on this thing or a rooftop tent. I've been doing a little research on some guys out in California, in terms of doing a hidden winch setup and they have a really cool spare tire setup that I'm considering (hk off-road). Kevins offroad, and iron rock are still a couple places I'm looking at for other parts that I had on my last wj. hopefully a new career change will let me lift my next vehicle right. Learned my lesson and taking pictures of everything I'll start posting of before and after once I get it all installed
  11. So I'm on round 2 on owning a wj... unfortunately all my old research and lists are in storage about 5 states away. Initially I was going to go with Clayton 6inch lift this time around but I came up with another idea. Im thinking I could do maybe some 3inch coils, trim the fender wells and.... possibly do 33s or 35s? I'm not going to bash on it like I have with all my other jeeps in the past... but I'm wondering if the D30 and D44a would be able to handle that large of a tire? Eventually I want to piece together a lift? Again thinking 2-3in coil springs Adjustable control arms all around, possibly the triangular a-arm (iron rock off-road has one I think?) meaning 4 control arms in from, the tri-a arm and bottom control arms in back? Most likely the Currie or rubicon express track bar, tie rod, ?pitman? Arm Will I need to consider drive shafts? In my mind, I'm picturing something medium flex? More on the short arm lift side as opposed to long arm? For some reason... I've been dealing with 33-35 inch tires and got the idea that I need that size as opposed to the 265s I had back in the day on my last wj... Pretty want to build something I can run this northwest trans American trail I've been hearing so much about since living in the northwest...
  12. hello all... its been a few years... been a while. doing this whole family thing and being used and abused by a 2yr boy has taken over my world for a while and all. surprisingly, i was able to remind my loving wife about how so much better the black wj i used to have when we met would be the best investment to keep them safe? it worked... but oddly enough, she knew what my motives were? supposedly she says no lifting it and doing anything to it for a while? hehe i gladly told her that this would be a long term investment and that it would be my DD... so far she has kept quiet since i promised that the next vehicle is all for her? so i have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee limited. and basically I'm trying to remember all the stuff i had on my last one and thinking of what i would have done differently. hopefully one day ill be in that area with my son to show him some of what i liked to do back in the day...
  13. I had the iron rock 4in long arm conversion when I had my wj. Loved it! Thinking back, I was about to get the Double steering stabilizers from kevins off road. I had nasty death wobbles also I would get the adjustable track bar. and whatever you do stay away from the Track bar extension! Unless u can weld that thing on it was one of the worst things to experience when it broke!!!! I think the wobbles were from loose parts that I was always re-tightening every time I went out on trails and long road trips. Plus I took off the sway bars off front and back. With the 4in, I seriously think 33s would have fit perfectly. As far as shocks... The bilsteins were what I would have liked had I kept it. Don't forget the bumpstops. Iron rock has them and they really helped me out in trying to get the right ones. Also, the (I forgot what they were called?) spring clamps. I had a lot of flex and those things saved me a few headaches. Over all, i had initially had the rough country 4in lift and I hated it. Super rough! When I put the long arm upgrade up front it was smooth sailing.
  14. In case u have an iPhone? I remember that there was a weatherproof case to use it in a similar fashion.
  15. jburns

    My 2004 Wj

    Sway bars rnt my thing? I had mine off in my wj when I had it and never had a problem. When I got my xk, I took them off front and rear. Come to think of it I had them off in my tj as well. That was just a preference of mine. Plus, I'm still used to driving my tj around so I really don't drive as crazy as I used to I've had a lot of feedback on a local club I was apart of saying to keep them on? But honestly, in my commander, as big as she is I'm used to the body lean turning sharp. But I also drive like an old granny especially since my wife hates me getting to heavy on the skinny pedal. It's all preference as far as I'm concerned? Afteral, it's a jeep not a Porsche right? If memory serves, I had a problem with the wobbles in my wj. I absolutely hated it! It did make for a good wake up alarm when I least expected it! But to solve that I was either gonna order the rough country dual stabilizer, or from kevins Offroad. His wobble kit was probably the best one I could find between the 2. Plus I think it had another kit for it to mount it up high to help keep away from bashing it on something? On his site. He had a pretty good description as to how good it was and how easy it was to install? Again, I was gonna go with the dual stabilizer cause at the time when I had my wj, it would wobble like crazy whenever I hit a good size bump or hole in the road.
  16. That was a combination of rear rough country 4in lift and switching out the front with iron rock long arm upgrade. The tires were bfg ats. As forthe size... The same asmlistedmon the rough country site. They were metric, so I think they were like having 32s. I was on my way to switching out to 33s but made the jump to a commander.
  17. FYI... Looking back I know(or was willing to put up with it?) 33s wouldve fit on my WJ? Something about hammering the pinch weld and maybe chopping a little bit here and there on the fender well.
  18. The ironrock lift that I put on mine was easy to install. I was pretty green to installing stuff but I managed. The long arm I put up front was nice. Made the front end soft in terms of driving. Sat pretty stiff given I had an arb front bumper and winch. Just if anything!!!! Make sure u have the right tools I just made due with what I had, thankfully my life with a TJ helped in having most of everything I needed... Ratchet straps are key, and a good jack. When I do something like that again... Ill have 2 hydraulic jacks, and a bottle jack. Make sureu got padded gloves! Trust me if u have zero patience and get annoyed easily! Haha you'll needed cause I mangled my hands grabbing stuff and smashing them more then Id like to admit As for the driveshaft... I can't remember which one I had? But if memory serves? I had the one I didn't need to change out? I looked all over multiple forums and I got a consensus that I had the good one... On tires I'd go with the bfg ats? On my WJ they held up well and I've put them through a lot on my commander. Quiet on the road, great off road at least in everything but severe mud! They spun a lot but they got me out eventually. If ur interested in saving weight? Check out the Iceland Offroad bumper? I was considering one of them plus changing out the steel cable on my winch for synthetic... Plus looking back, the arb bumper I had didn't really sit as flush to the body as imwould have liked and it was a real pain to lift alone with a winch in it! Hence, as mentioned above, padded gloves would've been nice... If u do get oversized tires double chck and see if the spare would fit underneath? I think I could have gotten away with putting it back in the sprare tire well? But I had to deflate it and it stuck up up a bit? I did have it mounted up top on the roof rack I had and basically used the spare tire area for tools. And if u carry a hi lift? It will fit under the rear seats. Just gotta take the base off. Just FYI if u want to keep it hidden... I forgot too. Bump stops... My favorite,I found were from iron rock. Cause they can make them as big or small as u need them to be. And they really helped in giving a good description as to what and how to measure out what ud need online? And if u go with a long arm suspension, don't forget to spring retainers! All that flexin could cause the springs to pop out! Not fun and kinda scary when ur not expecting it? Other then that... Good luck! I'm actually cleaning out my commander and begging the mrs to let me get back in a grand Cherokee... So hopefully I can follow and remember how to build one back up....
  19. I fogot to mention I not sure but makemsuremumget an a arm extension? I never put mine on cause I never had a problem? Then again I got rid of it when i decided to get married... Low and behold... She keeps telling me that she like the grand better? Other websites to check are csl Offroad, ironrock Offroad, and Kevin's Offroad, and sagauro4x4... They had a lot of stuff for the grand... Incase u haven't found them?
  20. May be chiming in a little late but... When I had my 04 grand. I thought I was making a good purchase with the rough country 4in lift... Needless to say the track bar extension it came with ripped out and I got to experience a 1hr drive home with the death wobbles! Not fun as I recall!!! I did however, switch things around and bought the ironrock long arm "front" portion. Just make sure if u intend to have it kept stock, get the one that has an angled extension(I can't remember what it was). It give u angled control arms if I remember right? Anyways I got the package that requires u to take out the stock control arm mounts. Also, make sure u get a JKS adjustable track bar! That thing was a god send! I don't know about anyone else but I was about to get the double steering stabilizer from rough country to keep the "shakes" out of the front end? Also... Another good site to look at for stuff is Kevin's Offroad. They had made specifically for the wj in terms of preventing death wobble. I didn't get a new driveshaft cause it still drove fine to me? And as far as tire size on a 4-4.5" lift? I was running the equivalent to 32s(metric size is what I had) BFG all terrains and I loved them! But I think I could've gone up to 33's? I had an arb front bumper with winch and the lift held up fine. Again that was when I had a grand... I made the jump to a commander And the only thing I stayed with is going with BFG all terrains! I love them... Theyre quiet and get the job done If ur still in the market for a tire? Check out the kuhmo mts? They were good tires,as well. I had them on a tj and they were kind of a cross between at and mt? Looks like the Mickey baja claws and were still quiet? Tread is not as long term as the bfg ats are but Just as tough... All my toys were/are DDs. Lifted TJ, lifted WJ, and lifted commander. Even with a taller lift and tires, the wj still got a ton more mpg then any of them... Talking about my old wj got me thinking about getting back into one! Haha
  21. So its taking it's toll on me all the stuf, as limited as it is, that my jeep commander is at a stand still in terms of what I can and want to do to it as far as bumpers, lift, etc... Now I'm thinking real hard about switching it out for something different? I was thinking about a Tahoe/ suburban? But then I want to be able to go anywhere with it. So I was contemplating getting back into a grand Cherokee WJ or a 2002ish 4runner? I've always liked the 4runner but steered clear of them cause I got the jeep bug and never could get away from them Anyone have any experience with the 4runner? Im familiar with the wj since I installed everything on my own on mine when I had one. Plus it seems the WJ is getting popular. I had the 4.7 and I loved it! But I want something a little nicer on the gas since it looks like the model of 4runner I'm considering only has a v6? What should I think about? I still have my wishlist on stuff I would have done different on the grand Cherokee so I'm leaning towards the wj to stick with something familiar? But then again it seems the 4runner is similar in size and had just as many options/ accessories as well? Just looking for opinions as to which one would u consider? I want something easy to work on and is tough enough to take the beating I tend to put my SUVs thru? Also, isn't the 4runner IFS in the front? I'm not into to crawling but I don't want to have to avoid it either? I'm starting to think the WJ is the way to go since I'm familiar with them and i know what I want to do with one if I get back into one... I think the 4runner sits taller too doesnt it? But basically the same size?
  22. Sorry to hear that... Hope everyone is all right. As for looking around? Have u thought about a jeep commander? Just a little smaller then the Tahoe/Yukon size. Gas mileage isn't as bad as people think? I live in Kansas and I've been to LA, San Fran, Vegas, Minnesota, Chicago, and Florida. It was a comfy ride. I've been through the dessert With the club last year and it performed flawlessly. I also have local spot I play around at and itll climb around stuff I never thought it could... As for the onstar option, they sell those separate now I think at like bestbuy? I have it on another car and I cant remember the last time I used it?
  23. anyone made one or know where i can find some? i would like to mount something to strap on variously sized packs in my jeep. i looked at the ?smittybilt? ones and i don't' think none of them would fit any seats in my commander?
  24. for dawn dawn dawn... ive gotta bow out? my boss is getting married that weekend,so i figured i better go so he'll let me skip out a few times next year for a few of the upcoming trips?
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