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  1. Flex Time https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/VgmyRZy4TWqG9l7B-HUNXA.OaB5R15QxwPl1XDsZ5EorR
  2. @SonoranWanderer fording the Gila (Exploratory) the group didn't cross. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/cY70mGd3SdWb1fBCd3nV7w.pwspaSQcqVnoQzvlqKx-Al
  3. Thanks @Sonoranrunner more info and pics soon! Great meeting the group and hope the return home was all safe!
  4. I will be monitoring RIMLINK (K7KEF) and GMRS 20 (Kevin) at air down spot. RL W7ARA https://w7ara.org/pdf/ARA-Repeater-Info.pdf 147.200 + 162.2 PINAL PEAK, GLOBE RIM LINK
  5. Migrated the JK-R 2-Door to the new Bestop Glide fastback soft top. The old top is worn out but if you need any of the frame components... I have the whole thing available to you. No cost. I am in Tucson.
  6. Tomorrow - driving into Winkleman from the south I will be monitoring Rim Link / Pinal 147.2000 +0.6 MHz 162.2 / 162.2 Globe, Pinal Peak Gila W7ARA https://www.w7ara.org/pdf/ARA-Repeater-Map.pdf
  7. CAVU2

    2010 JK-R "vaal"

    Two reasons. And One 1. I wanted the new features of the glide top to ease up/down and window removals. 2. The 11 year old top was torn in places, all zippers were jamming and the rear window zipper was flat out broken. 3. It was a gift from my dad
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