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  1. Can I meet you at the staging area instead of gold canyon if I can come?
  2. Some more https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/bJoJmvQiTJG0LBg_H9QQvQ._dXH3gDEVYluSbN-CDMbSO
  3. CAVU2

    2010 JK-R "vaal"

    Update: while not completed the following is almost done 1. new J20 diff housing front 2. new ball joints 3. truss and gussets front axle 4. truss rear axle 5. new track bar mount
  4. CAVU2

    2010 JK-R "vaal"

    Best I can tell - running Elvis earlier this year. I believe I bent axle and compromised the bracket then which broke running washboarding (not aired down) on the trip west from Nogales. I did capture a picture of the jeep at the start of my trip for Nogales and you can clearly see the bent axle.
  5. CAVU2

    2010 JK-R "vaal"

    Scheduled repair back in Phoenix with known mechanic so used the Expedition Wagon to tow Vaal back to Phoenix. Will have rebuild info monday
  6. CAVU2

    2010 JK-R "vaal"

    Injury Report: While exploring Guadalupe Canyon and Ruby Mine west of Nogales last week I bent Vaal's driver side axle back and up... and sheared off the track bar on the front. Had to wobble out to Arivaca, AZ for the tow ride home (Thanks AAA Premium). Here's the damage:
  7. Flex Time https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/VgmyRZy4TWqG9l7B-HUNXA.OaB5R15QxwPl1XDsZ5EorR
  8. @SonoranWanderer fording the Gila (Exploratory) the group didn't cross. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/cY70mGd3SdWb1fBCd3nV7w.pwspaSQcqVnoQzvlqKx-Al
  9. Thanks @Sonoranrunner more info and pics soon! Great meeting the group and hope the return home was all safe!
  10. I will be monitoring RIMLINK (K7KEF) and GMRS 20 (Kevin) at air down spot. RL W7ARA https://w7ara.org/pdf/ARA-Repeater-Info.pdf 147.200 + 162.2 PINAL PEAK, GLOBE RIM LINK
  11. Migrated the JK-R 2-Door to the new Bestop Glide fastback soft top. The old top is worn out but if you need any of the frame components... I have the whole thing available to you. No cost. I am in Tucson.
  12. Tomorrow - driving into Winkleman from the south I will be monitoring Rim Link / Pinal 147.2000 +0.6 MHz 162.2 / 162.2 Globe, Pinal Peak Gila W7ARA https://www.w7ara.org/pdf/ARA-Repeater-Map.pdf
  13. CAVU2

    2010 JK-R "vaal"

    Two reasons. And One 1. I wanted the new features of the glide top to ease up/down and window removals. 2. The 11 year old top was torn in places, all zippers were jamming and the rear window zipper was flat out broken. 3. It was a gift from my dad 🙂
  14. New Top! I am trying out the new Bestop Trektop® Glide Slantback.
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