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  1. I should have the videos shortly of George's "big hill" ride.
  2. Here's some photos My Flickr site...
  3. Hi All, I have family obligations that came up and will not be able to make it. Did so look forward to the day. Next time! Kevin
  4. I will post pictures later today. Till then ... check out this album - https://www.flickr.com/photos/kefein/sets/72157649100807525/
  5. Here's a to a slideshow of the balloon throw. Let me know feedback!
  6. I have a video of Wayne in my Flickr album I think this is the direct link Enjoy!
  7. Diane, I am working on the slideshow of the water balloon throws. Will post in a few. Sure was fun. Turns out I was suffering from a sinus infection. Under treatment now!
  8. Here's My flickr album. I will be updating them through tomorrow.
  9. Question about tires... the ones on the my Jeep are getting close to end of life. The word "cinders" makes me think that it will be very (very) rought on tires and maybe I should stay with the current ones and "user them up" rather then damage totally new tires on a first run. Thoughts on strategy? 1) Use up old tires or 2) buy new and let the cinders rip? Kevin
  10. Good news! Its 2 adults in the mail. Kids are excited! Can I park a 2nd car with the jeep at campground? Its a small crossover.
  11. Here's my photo stream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kefein/
  12. Rubicon option, a 2.5" Terraflex lift, 35x12.50x17LT tires, and intake and exhaust mods. I haven't taken too may trails, to date bigest adventures were: 1. Harquahala Peak. Very scenic. 2. Cave Creek Rd FR24 to FR 269 to Verde River. Very nice picnic there. 3. Bartlett Lake Rd, right to FR2091 then over ridge to FR413. the last 2 miles to FR 413 were very rough. I'd like to join the group soon and learn more about the Jeep and how to use it.
  13. Thanks for the hello's! I have heard good things about this club and want to get involved. Kevin
  14. Hi, Just acquired a White JK Wrangler Rubicon and happened to cross paths on 2/1 in Rio Verde right off FR513! Thanks for the Offroad Passport card! Hopefully I can join a trail ride soon. I don't have much equipment or experience so any advice on that would be helpful! Kevin & Allie
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