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  1. Updated with two attending, one standby! Should be fun!
  2. Posting On Behalf of SonoranWanderer who is out of the country CAVU2 NIGHT RUN Trail/Area: Crapshoot Trail on Table Mesa. Crapshoot is a 7.5 mile trail with a moderate section and a difficult no-bypass obstacle. This is Trail #40 in the FunTreks book for Arizona. The trail (west to east) starts from the intersection of BLM 9952 and Table Mesa Rd (9997). It runs generally south until it intersects BLM 9954 where we will turn left and begin our trek northeast. The trail ends where BLM 9954 intersects Table Mesa Rd. The moderate obstacle, moderate section and difficult obstacle are on BLM 9952. - The first moderate obstacle is a short limestone, soft-surface, steep climb with no bypass. - The moderate section is a long, loose-rock, shelf road climb that peaks on a hard-right, blind turn to a steep, long, loose rock descent. - The difficult obstacle is a long section of loose rock, steep decent with a no-bypass ledge drop off. Trail leaders can offer line advice and spotting assistance. We will be stopping at both obstacles to allow drivers not familiar with this trail to view and decide their preferred lines, get advice, and arrange spotting as desired. Map details: - PDF Map of Table Mesa: here - Funtreks GPX of the route here Requirements: - Driver experience with moderate to difficult trails. - 4x4 with low range, aggressive MT or AT tires (32"+), skid plates, rock rails, recovery points front & rear. - Rig must be road-legal with all necessary safety equipment, current registration & insurance, etc. - Sufficient off-road lighting for nighttime obstacle maneuvers Recommendations: - Lift with good flex (2"+) - Over-sized tires (33"+) - CB or ham radio - Bring adequate water and snacks for you and your passengers. Itinerary: - Meeting location: dirt lot in the southeast corner of I17 and Table Mesa Rd. - Meeting time: 6:30 pm (air down) - Drivers' meeting: 6:50PM - Run start: 7PM Additional Info: - CB channel 4 - HAM frequency 146.460 - This run should take 4-5 hours. - This run is limited to 5 rigs. Sign-Up: Trip Leaders: - SonoranWanderer - CAVU2 (Kevin) Attending: gearhead (Mike) riding along - - - StandBy -
  3. change of plans heading north to try to find some snow on the red rocks... Kristoffer, enjoy your birthday!
  4. I am conflicted... anyone thinking that there would be some great photo opportunities early saturday AM after the friday snow-storm? Sedona? Jerome? ... hmmm...
  5. Let me know if this link works ... https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/li8EpUTCQOKgC-HvPflz8w.gOvCrsRh-njamjzvxv0rCG Note, my phone messed up and the photos are 90 degrees off, sorry. So is the view. Anyone know how to resolve
  6. Weather looks near freezing for the overnight low I am not into tent camping at that temperature so it’s either running the Suburban or bailing out. I hate to bail but I dont know the trails and would not want to irritate my friends running a sub-capable vehicle and impacting the adventure. So reluctantly I think I am out on this trip
  7. Hi I have a friend (Chuck) Who’d like to run with us in a Tacoma TRD any concerns?
  8. Do you think the Suburban is equipped well enough for this exploratory / camping trip? (see signature line)
  9. The more remote portion Behm Mesa Rd https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/4zjDTQchnqnCW3pEYEgBA5sORktmtrzID0d5GpxQ2Ex
  10. Great Day. Thanks everyone for joining the run including our surprise visitor!
  11. We go! New front driveshaft... all good! The steering stabilizer will have to wait till monday.
  12. I plan on leaving Wickenberg at about 9:15am so ETA to Bagdad is more like 10:15AM.
  13. Yay! I've added you to the list. I am thinking of dropping the first meet up in favor of just Wickenberg. Text me otherwise.
  14. I am thinking of cancelling the first 8am meet up and going with the Wickenberg location any objections? Meet Up #1 8AM @ McDonalds Carefree Hwy and I-17. Depart 8:15AM <-- no takers. Meet Up #2 9AM @ McDonalds in Wickenberg. Depart 9:15AM <-- Gearhead and Bradywagon.
  15. Jeep repair underway and expected completed this afternoon so I am still planning to roll out tomorrow!
  16. Owen wants to come but with dinner at Left-Ts planned I barked a "no go O" to him and he was disappointed.
  17. Update on Jeep... Jason at Absolute Offroad is helping me and the Jeep should be ready on Friday. Gearhead - If the Jeep turns out not ready I would accept a co-pilot position
  18. Update My Jeep is in the shop. The front locker is disintegrating. I hope to have this resolved in time for the run Saturday.
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