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  1. Tranny POG fixed! Now on to the next issue...

    1. Light metallic licking sound in 2WD after putting a few miles on the jeep each day

    2. Slight rubbing "feel" in the steering wheel when running full right, and left.

    3. Significant obnoxious rhythmic clicking in 4WD when turning...


    I have friday off and will be investigating more... till then no drive time.




    This was the front driveshaft failing.  Replaced with Adams front driveshaft



  2. The new B&M Sport Shifter (#45195) is in! Wow shifting is totally different! It's shorter throw and very stiff and "notchy". No popping out of gear now. if you have a manual and are experiencing "POG" or want to try the sport shifter find me at the next event and give this shifter a try :D

  3. How is the transmission doing


    Good question.


    I have done some research. One can readily find the Jump out of Gear (JOG) event posted in many sites for the NSG370 6-speed popping out of gear.


    On some sites its the shifter, in the TSB its the inner boot...


    Its also my understanding this 6 spd manual relies on the shifter to help keep the transmission in gear. When it pops out under high load it can damage the transmission (you head the "bang" ). It also comes out often under low load and that is annoying off road and more like "sliding out of gear". Feedback from others was address the shifter early to avoid damaging the transmission. For the past year I was very frustrated because I could swear it was in gear and not me failing to put the trans in gear correctly.


    Many folks recommended the B&N sport shifter and its very popular on jeep sites as well. Its been on order for about three weeks. It should arrive Wednesday.


    As an aside, I've owned manual transmission cars since I started driving. I have never encountered such a situation before where a manual transmission pops out of gear under load. :confused:



  4. Observations on the GenRight Bumpers


    1. Very Light Weight at 17lbs front and 13 lbs rear.
    2. Rear LEDs are very bright
    3. Company easy to work with and they are well made
    4. Not at all "bold on" ... required hours of cutting and a bolt "tap" ... instructions for someone smarter than me <-- Kevin's handiness is not super on cutting :rolleyes:

  5. 2018 Mods-



    Old Man Emu Steering Stabilizer

    All new bushings



    Rugged Ridge Evap Cooler Skid



    TeraFlex JK Alpha HD Hings & Spare Tire Kit

    TeraFlex Hi Lift Mount

    TeraFlex RotopaX Mount



    Bushwhacker Aluminum Fenders

    Rock Hard Aluminum Skid Plate for Engine and Transmission

    Rock Krawler 3.5 X-Factor Lift

    Bilstein 5100 Extended Gas Shocks



    Rock Slide Engineering Dana Diff Guard Front & Rear

    Genright Aluminum Front Bumper and Rear Bumper 17 & 13 lbs.

    Bulldog 9500 Winch w/ Synthetic

    Rigid SAE Driving Lights

    Rigid E Series 10" Spot/Flood



    Flex Performance

    Low Weight






  6. Great story about your first adventure out in the Jeep. I remember brazenly walking right over there to introduce myself and give you a business card, which I'm usually too shy to do. You've come a long way in that Jeep, and it's been really fun having you and your family along on some adventures.

    Thanks Diane! I am so glad you shared the ORP business card! It was so cool that it was the first trail ride in the new jeep (less than a day old). I enjoy riding and learning with all of the ORP club members!

  7. After getting rid of the useless chrome step bars and the cold air intake... the next three years were a process of finding out what I wanted from the jeep to make it mine... and prepare it for the type of adventures I wanted to take. I developed a few likes and dislikes and preferences.



    1. Weight
    2. Center of Gravity
    3. Range (Small Gas Tank)



    1. Canbus
    2. Engines Performance
    3. Manual Transmission Shifter
    4. Death Wobble



    • Exploring...
    • All Weather, Snow, Sand, Rock, Mud, Cinders
    • Fun Trails -Steep, Narrow, High
    • Solo Trail Rides that typically were a long way off the beaten path


    Lessons Learned:

    1. Suspension not compliant needed lockers to overcome wheel in the air
    2. Used high lift to get off rocks/high-centering...
    3. Gas Tank Too Small, Range anxiety
    4. CB not as useful for communications other than trail rides.


    With these things prioritized, and confirmed in my mind I began a process of designing the "end state" in January of 2018 as I signed up for the Gunnison Colorado trip. My concerns were prioritized with weight, for example, as a number one concern. That ruled out heavy steel bumpers for a winch or accessories if I wanted to maintain a light weight Jeep etc. etc.

  8. Background

    I owned a 1978 Toyota FJ-40 in the Seattle - Tacoma area in the eighties. I had wanted a Jeep but that's what was approved by my dad for my "acquisition". After a few years of high maintenance and (gasp 10mpg) I let the vehicle go for something more economical. Just a few trips into the forest and many ski trips to take advantage of 4WD.


    Fast forward to January of 2014 and my acquisition of the '10 JK-R. :D On my second day of ownership my daughter and I took the Jeep out for a little Tonto trail ride and came across ORP, met Diane and the club by the Verde River and from then started attending ORP events and learning about my Jeep.


    2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon had these notable mods when I bought it:

    • 2.5" Terraflex Lift
    • 35x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson MTR
    • Chrome Tip Dual Exhaust with glass packs
    • Chromed Running Step/Bars
    • K&N Cold Air Intake
    • Short Headers


    I knew that the chrome step boards were "fake" and were not sliders and they were the first item to be damaged and removed in favor of true steel rubi-rails. Within a year I made these changes:


    • Removed damaged plastic chrome running boards & replaced with steel sliders.
    • Removed Cold Air Intake & replaced with stock air box/filter.
    • Removed flattened chromed duals tips and glass packs & replaced with single Magnaflow exhaust
    • Added a Cobra CB with 5' Firestick / 3' Shorty for around town, garaging.


    New Jeep:



    First Trail Ride:



    Over the next few years with the jeep I enjoyed multiple trail rides with ORP and reviewed the capabilities of other Jeeps and started to develop a strategy (and savings) for the next "Jeep 2.0" which arrived in May of 2018.


    Details on the "Jeep 2.0" ...

  9. RESCHEDULED! Saturday Nov 3rd


    Heading to Bagdad to explore some alternative routes into the Prescott West forest. This is exploratory and I don't have an exact routing. I will post some pictures from a pre-run earlier this August and additional details in the next few days.


    Meet Up 9AM @ McDonalds in Wickenberg. Depart 9:15AM

    Meet Up 10:15 @ Conoco Station Baghdad



    Takes about 1 hour to get to Bagdad where we will fuel up. I have some ideas on exploring alternatives to Camp Wood Road prior to the forest. The goal is to exit the National Forest on the east side and have dinner in the Prescott area (see below).


    I am classifying this as a DIFFICULT due to the exploratory nature of this run.


    End: Left-Ts Steakhouse, Dewey, AZ for Dinner. http://www.steaksaz.com



    - High-clearance vehicle, a 3+ lift with oversize A/T or M/T tires

    - Working CB (Ch 4) Optional HAM 146.460mhz

    - Drivers and vehicles must meet all state/federal legal requirements (seatbelts, insurance, etc.)


    Attending: (limited to 5 rigs)

    1. DGR61

    2. gearhead (#2)

    3. BradyWagon71 (#2)

    4. SonoranWanderer




    Added pictures from recent exploring in the area to Camp Wood






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