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  1. Diane: Well deserved recognition. I enjoyed reading your profile. Look forward to more wheeling. Regards, Bernie
  2. Kris: Thank you for a well needed class (for me anyhow) on the use of this valuable tool. Well organized and professionally presented. I am having a problem locating the files you mentioned on our website containing tracks to various places of interest. Can you please provide me with the way to get there? Regards, Bernie
  3. Due to sudden events I shall have to cancel our participation in the memorial. Sorry for the inconvenience Bernie
  4. Didn't know the Gentlemen but it sounds like a worthwhile task. Tom and I would like to participate. Bernie
  5. With the forecasters predicting rain I suggest there is a much better possibility of no rain. The problem with weather forecasting is the environment in which they operate. A studio has no windows.. if it did they could look outside and have a better chance of hitting it right. Hope to see you all on Saturday. Bernie
  6. Take off the "tenative"..W'ere in. Also traded my "Salami" for a Ham Bernie
  7. Am checking with my sidekick, Tom. Please sign us up as tentative. Will get back to you soon. Bernie
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