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  1. I'll be putting GTO vents and Firebird scoops on for sure coz I like them. I have an electric water pump (extra), flexilite black magic 3300 cfm , griffin radiator, digital controller to help engine cooling and trans oil cooler for the drive. Temps here are like AZ in summer. Any temp reduction helps. Put them on, they look good.
  2. Hi Pretor, You need springs to suit the WJs weight and what you kind of ride you want. See Bart at coverxtreme.com . He's done a few WJs there in Poland and will help you out.
  3. Hi Pretor. Yeah, nice Jeep. Do you get WJ stuff from Bart at coverxtreme.com? Your WJ looks similar.
  4. Looks like an awesome trip there. I'm thinking of renting a Farabees JKU Rubicon out of Death Valley and drive up to do it.... one day.
  5. Nice set of tires there.Do the 265s rub at all at full lock? I had 255.70.16s for a number of years and they rubbed a bit at full lock
  6. Every bank robbers dream Car changes color Sorry if this has been posted. Interesting technology but not on the truck please.
  7. I'm always amazed at your awesome skills and super clean, thoughtful installs. Keep it coming..
  8. To be honest, that's what was recommended by Chase from ECGS, the same as his set up. I really don't have any experience in auto lockers at all and I'm about to find out!! Not all bad I hope. Then again my setup is a bit different with the Atlas 4 spd. I could remain Fwd Neutral / Rear Lo. Unlocking the free wheelin hub when not in 4 WD conditions. I'll find out if I like it when it's ready and if it 's a problem, I'll go ARB.
  9. Thanks. I enjoyed that, very interesting!
  10. Thanks George. Not rubbing yet, only by visually inspecting the clearance. I've trimmed some sheet metal and the offset on the wheels helped. The exhaust Y pipes has to be fabbed this week and Kolak 3" installed.. Then the sway /anti sway bars will have to go in, so it'll be a while yet, but not too long to go, hopefully. I'm also trying to put JKS Switchblade up the front and Currie Anti Rock down the back. Future upgrades will include an exo cage as well, something like dzJeepChic's sweet XJ and a Stinger tire carrier as per JorgeWolf2's WJ. I should start a build page on Your Rig!", huh. I appreciate the welcome. My wife and I definitely love the outdoors. She's Chicagoan originally and has family near LA and Phoenix, AZ. Last year we joined Jeep Jamboree Arches Canyon, Blanding UT and also did a few trails in Moab, which was so awesome. We made long life friends there and can't wait to wheel there again with like minded off road souls. We're hooked, that's for sure!
  11. Thanks! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in the flesh one day and enjoy some trails there. I'll be sure to posts some pictures and videos of my wheelin here.
  12. Just another Newb saying Hi to all. I've been lurking for a while reading up and getting inspired by members rigs, especially ksmiths' WJ. Other notable inspirations are "The White Whale", "The Escape Artist", "SXOR Sema WJ", "TightWJ", GCJeepin" and many others. My Grand Dame has been with me for the last 14 years and loved every drive. Over the years I've slowly upgraded to 2" lift, 9000XL Shocks, Rancho My Ride Wireless, TR Front Bumper, Protofab Rear, Jet Chip, Skid Plates. A couple of years ago I decided to have a new truck, but I didn't want to leave my sweet WJ that has been super over the years. So I presented the idea of upgrading the girl to my better half and she agreed! Now I have been building my "ROCK" WJ slowly over the last couple of years and it is not too far away from being out on the trails. Please feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, tips and or a kick in the ass if it looks like I'm doing something stupid!!:tremble: Thanks! PBR 37". 4". King Coilovers and Bumpstops. Dana 60s 5.38. Detroit Front. ARB Rear. Atlas 4SPD. 2000 Rock WJ Lifted Locked 4.7 V8 SC
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