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  1. Definitely, Bill brought up a run to Jerome my next time home :-)
  2. Been wanting to get on a bike for awhile, had been looking but stopped when out of nowhere Bill's neighbor brought up selling this bike as they were installing the Rigid Duallys on her....I had texts and pictures an hour later. lol. Have my riding class at TEAM on Thursday and Friday 2007 Suzuki V Strom 650 ABS with all the good aftermarket skid plates and weather proof boxes.
  3. On your side of town you can head into the White Tanks, and there are a lot of interesting places off of the I 17. I am hoping to get some more day hikes and backpacking trips in very soon, shooting to hike the John Muir Trail summer of 2016. Been upgrading to a lot of ultralight gear I am hoping to test on one of my next trips home
  4. Dodge the father, Ram the daughter. Lol.
  5. As long as I can pull the permit for the whole trail I plan on the whole thing SOBO, with how tough permits are getting I may have to start it a few miles in though.
  6. Those are great. I have the old military version of that, burns sticks or trioxain bars, nice little setup. I backpack with my MSR Dragonfly when weight isn't an issue and will take on any international trips because its a "burn all", have the MSR Pocket Rocket for going light and will use it on the John Muir Trail summer of 2016.
  7. I just signed up, members are $225 and nonmembers $255. https://m.rei.com/event/46374/session/104333
  8. Will get better pics, just what I have on the phone right now :-)
  9. Tires have about 60% tread and came off a street rig, I have one run through Bull Dog with them. Want to run a slightly smaller tire and go back to the MTRs, new tires will be in by Thursday of next week so these will be available then. Asking $400.
  10. Finally started painting the cage, a lot to go but bite at a time.
  11. Finally did a little shakedown run through Bull Dog and officially posed the War Wagon on poser rock, have pics of all my Jeeps on the same one flexed out. Was also my friend's son's first wheeling trip, little guy loved it.
  12. Lol, it is. Plus I can slide them off quick to run into the house and not bring metal shavings in.
  13. Gonna have to back out, found out Grand Slam West will actually be on my days off in June. Hope you have a great time guys :-)
  14. Got my corners at Knuckle Busters today, still need to paint but very excited. Also got my rear chromo shafts installed
  15. Before I post up under trips, any other Grand Cherokee owners thinking of going to grand slam west this year? Its June 11-14th in Moab, I think it would be fun to have a group from ORP represent.
  16. If I can get the rack built to mount the rooftop tent at the front of the carhauler I will camp for sure.
  17. Bump, still need a spare. Thanks for any leads.
  18. If I can get enough done this next hitch home I might join you, really want to hit Moab and this actually falls on my weeks home. You guys camping or hoteling it?
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