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  1. Very nice. Good timing for the tire cover to show for the carhauler.
  2. Need a spare for the ZJ, after flexing out at lets roll and the 35s tucking pretty well I am gonna run them for a while. Thanks in advance, Dan
  3. From Letzroll's BBQ over the weekend, what a blast. Still a lot to do, but she has come a long way in year.
  4. lol, that took longer than I expected. It should be at Thunder with me in April
  5. I may be able to Make this if my schedule stays how it is. Definite maybe on this one, lol.
  6. Jody and his family at Gravely's Trailer MFG are amazing to work with, and Jody is a fellow wheeler. The whole family was very helpful and actually spent hours with Bill and I during the design, pre paint inspection and then the final delivery making sure the trailer was right and it fit what I needed including helping me mount the job box on the day I picked it up. Jody really has a passion for what he does and tries to help the customer by recommending what he can tell they will need and even convincing them not to do some mods that he could make good money on, even offering to do some mods in the future to help you get what you can now. Trailers come with a lifetime warranty, he will check them out every 3,000 miles and they are built tougher than any of the other trailers we looked at. Specs on this one -22 foot flat deck since I will be towing into hunting camps and want the size but not the tail hang of a dovetail. *20 foot wood deck and 2 foot diamond plate. -Built with a 2" frame lift for added clearance. -Crossbeams moved to 16" on center from 24". -Upgraded to 5200# axles, both with brakes. -Spare tire carrier moved to the side and upgraded to spare with hub for convenience in the middle of nowhere. *Added second spare mount with dual pattern to carry a spare for the Jeep or dad's Tahoe. -Bump rails added all around, which also added some tube for mounting points. -Fender steps added front and rear. -Additional ring on front center for a winching point. -Rear receiver added, endless possibilities. -Upgraded to LED all around -Upgraded to 7,000# jack -Painted rims to match. Ended up with an amazing trailer and a friend out of it, highly recommend for anyone look for any type of trailer as they will build them all. Also going back to Jody for some modifications to my custom camp/Jeep trailer to be able to mount the rooftop tent. In the near future I am going to fab a rack and making another option for mounting my rooftop tent on trips, the rack will be over the tool box and the tongue.
  7. Very nice, this is something my dad and I were discussing a few weeks ago to throw in the tool box on the trailer. Great work
  8. Nice, always been one of the worst parts about a TJ.
  9. Very nice, you and Steve are giving me some great ideas for all the wiring Bill and I still have to do on the ZJ.
  10. Amazing work as usual Steve, can't wait to see you guys and check out all the work in Person.
  11. Thanks bud :-) In Payson, but with the family at my grandfather's place. Payette is on the list though, hunted the area a lot but haven't wheeled.
  12. Picked up some 35x12.50x17 KM2s for a grgreat price and then my buddy who works at Discount took care of me for rims (yes the same ones, just in 17"). Picked up a complete set of doors for $100, gonna strip the usable parts and make some half doors. Painted all the new steel and touched up the rest of the brown. Realky love how everything turned out, the fenders blend amazing with the existing steel. So far no rubbing on the tires and the look is great, I need a spare now though.
  13. Dave and the boys at Knuckle Busters fine tuned the lift, ordered the drive shafts, fixed linkage on the 231, installed the front truss/chromo shafts/Aussie locker/Riddler diff cover, tapped into my existing sliders and added tube fenders and mounted my Mack Bulldog. Their work is very impressive and the guys are great to deal with, next time home they are doing crusher corners and a frame stiffener kit.
  14. The long arm install was fun and a headache all at the same time, lol. Working on a 16 year old unibody that has been wheeled takes some patience and brute force at times to make things fit and line up, luckily everytime one of us was getting frustrated the other was calm and came up with a simple solution. While we were doing the long arm install I had the 231 tc I picked up over at knuckle busters to change out the internals with the big chain and planetary gear upgrade plus install a sye. Very happy I did the tc swap at the same time.
  15. Tuff Country lift traded to Knuckle Busters towards frame stiffeners, rest is still available.
  16. Teaser pic, have a busy weekend but will finally do a write up this week. Loving the new look, but now want bigger tires :-)
  17. I need to BAD, got delayed a bit but will be wheelable next time home for sure. I think everyone is gonna enjoy the look when Dave and the boys are done
  18. Highly recommend, they are doing a lot of work on mine. Once its done I will be adding to my write up, I already can't wait to see the wagon again and go for a drive.
  19. The Jeep has been delayed a bit with Dave being slammed at the shop, but we have done a few other new things plus there will be some prototype parts getting put on Latest addition is WJ knuckles and high steer, tube fenders are still in the works and super excited to see all the steel work.
  20. Thanks guys. SouthWest Meat processing is right by my house and charges less than $150 to process and make me sausage and jersey sticks. But boiling the skull and preparing the European mount myself though :-)
  21. BUCK DOWN! 2X3 Muley and got him where dad was able to see me take the shot and watch him drop, couldn't have asked for more. Then we were able to stop and show my grandpa at his nursing home, loved to see the spark in his eye and how it perked him up. Hunting is all about family and memories. See if you can find me :-)
  22. Looks like I will be doing Payette on the 15th and possibly Crown King on the 16th, I am sure there will a Bull Dog Canyon run one evening before that though to do my shake down if you guys would be interested.
  23. Will do a better write up when I get home, but realized I hadn't posted an update in a while. LA kit is on and is going to get fine tuned at Knuckle busters, heavier duty track bar with mount and tie rod, and beefed up 231 TC is in. Getting done at Knuckle Busters now- Rubicon Express drive shafts are getting install, D30 truss, D30 Aussie locker and Riddler diff cover, fix slider mounts that had to be cut for long arm, tube fender flares front and rear, and my Mack bull dog mounted on the hoop. Have to get an exhaust put on when I get home; then mostly on to the interior including getting the cage installed, building the back cargo area and TONS of wiring. Before and After Myself and Bill posing with her Can't wait to see her on my trailer, it should be done the first week of November.
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