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  1. When the heat kicks in its time to head north and hike the canyons up on the rim.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on Florence this weekend. A few of us from my work are supposed to be going out there and running box and maybe the cabins.
  3. I can't wait, that one has been on my to do list for too many years. I will figure out all my on call weekends for the next few months on a list and then let you know when I am free. When is the one your brother is driving out for? I really want to join you guys on that one.
  4. Yep 5.13s and a Rubi up front. Always up for a run when I am not on call, just let me know. Right now I am just doing mild crawling with it, not going crazy till she is on a trailer. Once I get her payed off I will get my diesel, and she will get stretched and axle(s) upgrade. Still want her street legal though because I enjoy the scenic trails/expedition wheeling just as much as hard trails, and I hunt out of her.
  5. Nice bike, something like this has always interested me.
  6. Nice purchase on the XJ, we both got amazing deals. Thanks for the compliment on the ZJ, I built it while I was out of work taking care of my dad so it was built on an extreme budget. Did the work with friends and did wheeling and dealing for parts. This is how it started: When I sold it:
  7. Nice, thinking of getting one that I can throw on the expedition trailer for some trips.
  8. Yep its Mikes old rig. Wrench and spare shaft are the backseat of the car, I will swing by after work Thursday or Friday. It came with a top and full doors, but I only had them on the first couple weeks and then again for 4 days for elk season. I bought a full cab cover for when its parked, easy to take on and off.
  9. Sounds great, wish I could have gone. You know me though, I have just as much fun enjoying the scenery and taking pics. I can't wait to get on a trail with you again soon, what you up to Saturday afternoon or Sunday?
  10. My name is Dan, I am 26 and live in Queen Creek. If it involves the outdoors odds are I am game to go. I love wheeling because of the challenge and the sites you get to see that 99.99% of the population never will. I enjoy moderate crawling and scenic runs, really love to take newbies on runs and introduce them to the wheeling world. My rig is a 2004 TJ: 4.0 5 speed 37s (38s will be on in next few days) 4.5 inch LA with 1 inch body and MM D44s 5.13 ARBs Chromo shafts 4:1 plus 2L Hand throttle Full cage Custom bumpers Master Craft seats 5 Pt harnesses Custom HD steering Warn winch Lots of armor Tuffy security box Future Expedition/Hunting Trailer: Bought this a couple months back to build for when I want to do expedition wheeling and to use for more remote hunting. Currently sitting on 33s but the old 37s from the rig are going on it when I put on the 38s. Want to be able to use the trailer tires as extra spares for the Jeep. Needs patch work and repair, but is a great starting point and first welding project. **The ZJ in these pics is my old extreme budget build***
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