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  1. Very nice on both trailers, can't wait to see the finished products. Been thinking of moding mine some more to be a better cross between a camp trailer and an off road trailer, love getting ideas. Its in my old quad thread http://offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1326&page=2
  2. Seeing some other project trailers, plus having my car hauler built has me thinking of some new mods on the trailer to make it better suited for trips and mounting the rooftop tent. I think the roof basket may be on its way out, or modded to be removable.
  3. Very good, the elitists get old. With having the Niner though, the questions about making one a street queen do annoy me. lol.
  4. Damn, you can really tell by looking at opposite sides of the set nut. What brand?
  5. Have a bunch of suspension parts that need to go- -Front to rear swap with v8 springs for the rear and upcountry springs with spacers for the front $50. -Tuff Country used 3.5" lift with lower control arms, brand new control arm bushings in the box, front and rear springs. With used shocks $350 or with brand new shocks in the box $450. -Front track bar with mount, make offers. -Stock transfer case skid plate $40 obo. -Used stock ride hieght shocks painted red but still good, make offer. May have more....
  6. Gonna have to check out both your guys setups, fridge is on the list for after Christmas.
  7. Great idea With the rub rails a section of 2" round tube is added in between the stake pockets for added support, and he showed that is where most tie down vehicles to and that is how we did with Bills shorty trailer they made 11 years ago.
  8. Sides, works better with their design.
  9. Looks like I will be getting a custom built Gravely trailer- 24' flat deck, 5200# axles, 2" lift, fenders mounted 3" higher (ground clearance and future larger tires), rims painted to match, trailer spare with hub assembly and mount, one spare mount for Jeep/dads Tahoe, 14 pocket with rub rails, winching point, rear receiver and LED lighting. He is also going to make some mounting plates for under the trailer so we can drill and mount the rooftop tent rack on the front of the trailer deck. Great family and the lifetime warranty is transferable, plus they will grease the trailer and inspect it ever 3,000 miles for life. Bill went with me to look, we BS'd with the owner Jody for almost 4 hours about wheeling and him teaching us some about trailers. Are there any other suggestions of features you guys like and wouldn't want to skip? They will be starting my build in about a week and then building while I am up at work, Bill and my dad will be going over throughout the build and the owner is going to send updates and pics to me. The day I get back and before I head out deer hunting I will be going in for the final inspection before she goes to paint and any metal mods would need requested by this day at the latest. She will be ready for me to pick up the next week.
  10. Hope it all goes smooth, great event and I really hope they consider moving it to spring so hunters can be involved.
  11. Something like that would be nice when I get back into a rig run 38s and bigger for sure.
  12. Very nice, great attention to detail. I have often thought about trying to make a Tuffy type console for the ZJ, just wish I had the skill with a welder.
  13. Welcome, can't wait to see the rig.
  14. Grand Cherokee ZJ 93-98. Used EZ Ride 3.5" lift, comes with Brand New bushings in the box that I just spent $140 on. With used shocks I am asking $350, with brand new in the box Skyjacker shocks I am asking $450. Made a deal on a long arm kit, so trying to recoup some of my money.
  15. We did some surgery on the Saturday morning- 249 TC removed and it and the 231 TC were dropped off at Knuckle Busters to have all the new goodies in the 231, and also got the exhaust cut out behind the cat and prepped her for me to do some cutting this week.
  16. Should have the TC pulled this weekend, so I will bring it and the other parts over early this week
  17. Finally ARB stepped into the D44a world, great news for a lot of us. http://store.arbusa.com/ARB-Air-Locker-Dana-44A-RD226-P22833.aspx


    I like the FJs fun to wheel with on the mild stuff, only issue I or anyone I know of has had with them is when the FJ club created the the by pass on Elvis out in FJ. There is a lot of potential on those things if you don't mind some trail scars, seen some really fun builds.
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