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  1. Wow, this is something that has been on my mind lately. Gonna be looking at this a lot closer when I get home. Great work as usual sir.
  2. Lol, snowing today so thinking we should do it again
  3. What a blast :-) We are having a cold summer so far and even have snow in the forecast the next few days, so we just decided to go for it today. Got security and medical on board and then I made up the sign, then the fun part. The water was around 45° and the temp crashed to 37° and closer to 30° with windchill on our way to the ramp, first time in wasn't bad but then two of us did it again after getting out and taking pics.. that was rougher. All i have to say is if you get the chance you need to do it
  4. Very nice, gonna get my cameras out while I am home.
  5. Who drew a tag? I drew 5A/5B October 31st :-)
  6. Got a surprise from a buddy up here at work, were talking about Jeeping and I mentioned I wanted to make a sign and this is what he surprised me with: Misspelled it by flipping the T and N, but I will hang it proudly.
  7. Nicely done, gonna have to keep this in mind when doing my long arm install.
  8. Never knew about that one, definitely the wrong name for an el camino style vehicle. lol.
  9. Very nice, simple fixes are always the best. We have a guy up there in Prudhoe that works for the NAPA our company owns and all he does is make hoses 12-18 hours a day, its amazing how fast he can crank them out and he has almost turned it into an art.
  10. Very nice, figuring out a solid mount that puts it in the right position is my next step for the ZJ install.
  11. I like it, seems like a good all around tool.
  12. Thanks again Kris, a lot of great info and really nice to see everyone and meet some new people. Bought a tablet already :-)
  13. Gonna look into adding one of these to my arsenal, there is a couple that uses one of these to survive in the Alaskan bush. Compact enough to easily be carried in an expedition rig, and are actually made to take backpacking. http://www.liteoutdoors.com/product/8-titanium-stove/
  14. My camping room has two sets of shelving units with all sorts of random gear and supplies, backpacks lining the walls, stacks of coolers and sleeping bags laid out or hanging. Keep about 8 small action packers and a couple larger ones with gear in the garage, plus all the chairs, cots and multiple EZups and a couple other canopies.
  15. For camping I have a lot of totes that carry certain gear, and will usually get gear ready the day before and pack in right before leaving. Most gear is stored in the garage, but sleeping bags, coolers and tents are stored in my camping bedroom. All backpacking gear is stored in the camping bedroom. I usually start getting gear out and checking weights a week in advance on a digital scale and test pack, making sure I leave room for food and water. As I go I try to think of what items I could leave behind depending on weather and what can be shared with others on the trip, always trying to shave ounces. Actually plan to weigh all gear and enter in a spreadsheet so I can just do a quick checklist and have the total weight added up automatically.
  16. My buddies mom did this to my Jeep coat (re-badged Carhartt)
  17. Sorry guys, forgot I posted in this last year and with the dates didn't look at it as I am sitting up at work right now. Hope everyone has a blast, some hidden gems in that area.
  18. Never posted any pics of the wiring and the truss while I was home. We mounted 4 sets of Duallys and my 10" light bar, plus made a license plate mount and a light for it and wired using a trailer wire harness for easy disconnect plus it worked out for the number of separate switches I will be running for the roof rack. Only got the license plate wired in to make me legal, the rest will be finished when we start work on the interior and after I take the light bar to Rigid to see what caused it to have issues out of the blue as we were wiring. Have very few pics and none in the day light after because I didn't get her home until after midnight, spent the next day buying the new truck and then pulled the rear axle the following day. Also ran the power cable for the second battery and did a sloppy test fit for everything in the rear cargo area. The truss turned out amazing and should basically eliminate the weak points of the 44a.
  19. Think its gonna be "The Duke" bud
  20. While I was home I traded in the 1500 on a new 2500 Cummins, was towing more than I ever have and I plan on towing the ZJ to trails. Truck came with the blackout package that included projector headlights, blacked out tail lights, black badging and upgraded rims. Have to admit I love the new 8.4 inch monitor over the 5 inch monitor I had in the 2012, even easier to hook up the trailers and the guide lines bend and show where your tires will go as you turn the wheel. So far averaging 15.9 mpg even with towing half the mileage I have put on (had a trailer hooked up in under 24 hours) and "testing" performance with Bill, was only getting 12.3 mpg with the HEMI. Truck sits the same height as the old one did with a 6" lift, and got the skid plate package as part of my deal. Had Universal install a bed liner, great price and a family owned company with a lifetime guarantee. Had to get steps on to make getting in and out easier, got the N-Fab steps that also have the step for bed access. Old truck on the left and new on the right Headlights Next to dads Tahoe My nephew screaming Cummins Dads first time driving a diesel Bed liner Steps Possible name, leading towards horse names since it will be towing the "War Wagon". What else do you guys have?? Black Jack - Probably the best known horse named Black Jack was a black gelding of unknown breeding that served in the United States military as a caparisoned (riderless) horse for formal occasions such as funerals. Born in 1947, Black Jack was used in the funeral procession of President John F. Kennedy after he was assassinated in 1963. He also took part in the funerals of Presidents Herbert Hoover and Lyndon Johnson, as well as Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur and countless other funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. In addition, Black Jack has the distinction of being the last horse issued to the United States military and is the last horse to carry the "U S" brand. Black Jack lived to be 29 years old. After he was cremated his ashes were interred at Summerall Field in Ft. Myer, Virginia. His grave has a lovely headstone and is surrounded by an attractive hedge.
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