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  1. Try to show, tow down and have the truck with rooftop tent and the ZJ.
  2. Happy Birthday George, may you get plenty of Jeep parts and fuel cards.
  3. Well this project has come to an end, stripped everything but the rear bumper and sliders before trading her in on Sunday. Picked up a 2014 Ram 2500 4x4 with the 6.7 Cummins, with 17,100 lb towing capacity and better fuel economy than the 1500. Have been toying with the idea for awhile, but building the Jeep has me wanting to be able to tow it on the long distance wheeling trips and I have been doing a lot of towing in general the last couple years. Heck, had a trailer hooked up to it under 18 hours and will be towing the rear axle from the Jeep to Wickenburg to get a truss. Teaser picks till I start a thread: Old 1500 with 6" lift and ~34.5" tires and new stock with ~33.5" tires Projector headlights With dads Tahoe First tow
  4. Damn, thought it was getting moved forward Wont be able to go, Grunt and I were all excited to debut the rigs together. Can't wait to see pics though.
  5. Finished the snorkel install today, took 6 hours total but know I could do it in 4 or less now. Air box new opening cut out and everything drilled for rivets. Original opening sealed and new inlet installed. Had to trim weather strip by windshield and drill and rivet bracket in place. Air box reinstalled and plumbing attached to inner fender piece though a factory opening that was previously plugged. Snorkel mounted and head attached, added 3 screw to hold on pipe for more secure fit at highway speed. Tips: Use at least a 4,75" hole saw. Someone with smaller hands to fit in upper portion of inner fender, lol. Air powered grinder worked great for grinding down ribs and cutting new opening on air box. Add screws to attach head, drill holes in new air box inlet tube and rivet to air box on top of using adhesive.
  6. Ended up with 6 hours total invested. Tips: Use at least a 4.75" hole saw if not a 5", had to trim opening a little bigger using a 4.5". Someone with small hands to fit in the fender would be nice, those nuts were a b!t@h. lol. Small air powered cutting tool made quick work of grinding down ribs and cutting the opening on the air box. I added 3 small black screws to attach the head to the pipe, I didn't like the idea of it just being slid on or using a hose clamp (ascetics).

    Chase Bank

    I am with Diane, added a chase account a few years back and have great customer service and experiences. They are stricter on certain things than some banks, but they are trying to avoid problems. Still use Desert Schools for some banking and my truck loan, left them for Chase completely a few years back due to nickel and diming but came back when they made me a good offer. B of A on the other hand, you couldn't pay me to bank with them. They have a more than one policy that completely disgusts me and it is shameful that that place has America in its name.
  8. A neighbor actually loaned me one, but it may be a little small now that I have the inner fender piece in place. I am still not done with the install, worked on it again this morning for a bit. Did all the cutting and drilling to the airbox and fender, plus added some more rivet points to make it a better install in my eyes. Gonna go look at a different sealant this afternoon, just to make sure I use the best one for the job. But I did research saws and they were running around $38 pretax, was hard for me to justify for a cut that took less than 1 minute.
  9. Most of the snorkels come with no instruction, and not a whole lot online either. But this write up is great combined with links to one set of instructions with no pictures and another write up in German but with great pictures, hands down the best info I could find. Just figured this might help the next guy and save him from getting discouraged. http://mdsuave13.blogspot.com/2008_04_01_archive.html
  10. Started the snorkel install tonight, hopefully finish in the next few daysThe last ZJ was a lot easier for me to cut into than this one, but it gets easier from here. lol. Also ended up making a deal on a brand new LA upgrade kit, and picked up the 231 TC from my buddy. The next couple weeks are going to bring a lot of mods.
  11. Never seen that one, what brand?
  12. Very nice I have always wanted to do one of his classes, my old survival instructor had spent time working with him in the field and said nothing but good things. Think something like this is on the list for one of my home hitches
  13. SEXY Has me even more excited to get working on mine, who did you order parts through?
  14. Metal broke and was part of the shrapnel, possibly a cheap receiver shackle mount with crappy welds.
  15. Very nice, I have this project in my future too. Traded an extra hi lift I had for the transfer case, and got a great deal on the 23 spline adapter off a facebook page. Going to do the "big boy" upgrade too since mine is a Niner, I think its the smart move. Looks like we are both using the Rubicon as our build encouragements.
  16. Was hoping to make it, but doesn't look like it right now. The ZJ will be fun to take in there next year with all her mods getting done
  17. Yeah, glad I got the extra week and 13 hour days right now. lol. Cage is really hitting home lately, especially since my nephew is getting older and very into the outdoors and yells "JEEP" and "HEMI" when he sees my rigs. I have already been in one major on road rollover, a liberty when it flopped and a couple buggy flops and rolls. I like the bolt ins for our rigs because you can still access panels by removing portions of the cage to gain access. Since I am going to have a lot of electronics like your rig, this feature is a perk to me. Heck I bet between everything we are installing there will be 500-1000 feet of extra wiring added this go round alone.
  18. Well after all the rollovers lately I really got thinking about a cage, found a bolt in cage a few days ago and after finding a deal with an eBay vendor I pulled the trigger last night. http://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-1031.htm Since they offered a discount and free shipping on everything with multiple item purchase, I also ended up ordering the Standard USA chrome-moly front shafts, Alloy USA rear shafts and a Riddler front diff cover. Since I use my parents place as my shipping address since I am gone so much, I am sure their hallway is starting to look like a receiving department. lol. Can't wait to get home and start getting parts installed
  19. Bill and I are going to work together and really go all in for wiring for a great expedition rig- second battery, power inverters, compressor, solar charger, fridge pre-wire, my 4 sets of duallys, 10" Rigid light bar, light force rock lights, interior changed to blue leds plus a set of red LEDs for night wheeling, fix the in cab winch controls and mount the electronic locking shotgun mount I just scored for only $65 delivered.
  20. Everything after the old bread truck looks rougher, definite damage possibility....wish I still had my old rig.
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