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  1. dirtlover


    Hey guys sorry for the late respond. Thanks by the way for the links. We are actually planning of going for a road trip to Canada and looking for ORV sites that has some river crossing.
  2. In my idea, as long as it was maintained/serviced regularly and never abused the drive trail would last longer than the engine it self.
  3. dirtlover


    Any idea where to buy a snorkel kit with the cheapest price?
  4. Thumbs up with Superchips not only they sell good products, but also after sales very reliable.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here...
  6. At least it served its job well... You may rest in pieces.
  7. Surely they would cost more compared with other aftermarket lift kit brands.
  8. Sweet bike... This is a all around bike right? adventure, street and off road?
  9. Not bad for the price, But surely driver mod price is a entry level right?
  10. Good thing you checked it out, or else it will ruin every thing. Nice fab by the way.
  11. Me too bought it from 4wheelonline 3 years ago and still holds great with no noise thumping issue at all.
  12. Thanks SSRx7. I would surely do enjoy here.
  13. Thanks guys for the welcome. Here in FL there a very few areas that you can trail with.
  14. Hello people, I'm just new here. My name is James Edwards and I'm from Tampa FL.
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