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  1. great looking pup, we just rescued a min pin ourselves a couple of months ago
  2. ok lets do this put us down for this run please!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like we can get some time off looks like ill also have a fj buddy coming out also
  3. you are very welcome always glad to meet people from the site thank you very much for giving us a chance to earn your buisness
  4. welcome to the group nice rig for sure
  5. Hey jeff hope all is well, I know you have been bugging me for the longest time to get on here but I finally did it.
  6. Well hello there nice to meet you (online that is)
  7. Drive, we come to you free of charge we have even been known to do repairs on the trail.
  8. Hi diane it was really nice talking to you the other day glad we are here. And yes its time to get all that crappy glass taken care of:D
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