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  1. Unless something has changed, the only free coolers I've heard of, is after damage has already occurred. Unfortunately, I bought mine used, so I don't have the powertrain warranty. I've been told "too bad" by many people at Chrysler. If something has changed, please let us all know.
  2. Just referring to the 07-11's. The factory auxiliary cooler is a poor design, part of the ac condenser. Seems to be a big problem mainly in 4H. They suggest using 4L, turning O/D off. Also if you run your AC it will force the fan on. I suggest installing the additional factory or a aftermarket trans cooler. And make sure you air down to at least 15-20 psi. Rolling on top of the sand is easier on your trans than plowing through. If you do overheat, don't be cheap, get your fluid changed.
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