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  1. We're on our way to Mesquite, NV first week of April. Anyone have some offroad maps for us? Little finland will be one of our destinations. Appreciate, Dale
  2. After all my research I ended up with the Yaesu FT-2900R. It seemed to be the best bang for the buck. The install isn't finished, I haven't really started on my liscense yet, so I'm not in a rush to finish the install. I tucked the unit face up on the drivers side of the trans tunnel. I think it will work well there. I didn't want it hanging from the overhead so the tunnel mount seemed to be the best compromise for the FJ. I'll put the mike within easy reach with no stretching to reach for it. With all the controls on the mike I don't see a need to put the unit within easy reach, all everyday tuning and selection can be done with the mike. We'll see how it all works out when the unit is operational and I've used it for a while. Any install can be changed if you really need/want want to. If any FJ's want to see the install to see if they like it come on over. I'll take any and all input before it's finalized. I have yet to drag in the antenna cabling so it's not permanent yet. And main power is still on the engine firewall side.
  3. Carol and I will be there. How about if we bring dogs and buns? Dale
  4. Tried to show pics but couldn't get it to go/show. So now I'm adding more, so far; Richochet full armor - RED Undies, now you know PURE sliders - you know Metal Tech Tube Bumper - gets all sorts of animacules out of the way All Pro Clearance Exhaust - no more will they say I'm full of hot air Derale Hyper-Cool - to fix that hot trans smell I did not care for RIGID LEDs - to brighten my nights Nitto rubber - gets me going to be honest, the All Pro, Derale, and Rigid are on order. But as soon as I get my hands on them.....
  5. "Red Undies" are ON and looking good. Can't wait to show "em off. The girl is all perked up and looking good. So I'm now ready for Sedona. Not that I'll need undies for Sedona, but I got "em. As we're all well aware, nothing better than a good set of bolt ons.
  6. Sliders went on yesterday. Today I'm fighting a Metal Tech tube bumper install. Came without instructions. Can't see how to remove the plastic fender well liners. The retaining clips are inaccessable, at least they are to me. Must be some sort of magic trick that's been kept a secret from me. I'm going to need to talk to someone, things are getting messed up. Expect I'll be on the phone with Metal Tech tomorrow. Marcus what have you bolted on?
  7. OK Kris your on to me.
  8. You guys are WAY too kool. When you think of more give 'em to me. I'd like to keep my super duper photo guy busy for a couple years. And then we get some really cool vacations and outings to boot. Kindly remit as they come to mind. This IS what I'm looking for. And I gotta justify red undies - at least in my mind.
  9. The Wave is a very popular photogenic area on the Arizona/Utah border. Are there other similar beautiful areas that might be only 4WD accessible that you guys are aware of? Somewhere that isn't accessable with a hike but really needs 4WD to get into? Need not be only Arizona but somewhere out West. Kamikaze
  10. One might ask, "why new undies, what's wrong with the ones ya got?". Momma always said, change your undies every day and put clean ones on and you won't embarrass me. And therein lies the crux of this new addition. And so it all begins. A need for new, fresh undies. A few weeks ago a small group of us pre-ran the Reymert Mine/Sugar Shack trail. I'm new to the group and this was labeled as a "no sweat, bring yer 4WD Cadillac outing". I just happen to own what I consider to be a 4WD Cadillac. At least I think it is. I have air, I have 4WD, I have comfort! A Cadillac if you will. This new Toy is about 1000 times slower than my sand jeep build that outran most dune buggies in Glamis. No air on that jeep, go fast it did. But I digress. So I'm on the run, my 2nd with the group, how about that for experience!! We're cruisin' along having a good ol' time when we're questioning a possible route diversion. Uhhh, did we miss a turn?? Uhhh, where's the mine? Hmmmm, that looks doable over that rock sequence. Then CRUNCH. It's one of those frame member sounds, one of those, OH SHITT I do not like that sound. I've heard that sound before many, many years ago and it still sounds the same, very, very, unpleasant. I have an idea what that sound could imply. Am I leaking vital body fluids?? Now some adventurers look forward to those sounds. Kinda like a badge of honor. Me?? NO, I would prefer a graceful exit. A little backup, a little wiggle, and poof, I'm outa there. All fluids contained. So that's why my sweetee's getting new undies. Red is good. It's a full layer of RICOCHET. We'll all see when I get em bolted on. YES folks, they're BOLT ONS. Close Marcus.
  11. I say braless. BUT, "Men working below" is good. And a hands on inspection "IS" allowed. Diane, you will definitely appreciate this adornment. What fun this is.
  12. Ahhh Chris, ARB puts you in the contention for a first peek.
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