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  1. That's how I seen / found this was from the 4x4HAM site. Good job guys at the cross posting!
  2. Stolen in fall of 08 only gone for 13hr crackhead is still in jail (kingman) till 2015 Not into the rock crawling anymore, the FJ suits our needs now. Couple reason for sale, 1 huge layoff at work a few weeks ago, sale would give me some $$ cushion 2 also thinking of getting some Jet Skis as we frequent the lake.
  3. Sc00by

    Newer 4x4 rig...

    I did! Bought some ARB switches and installed them in the center console. All the LEDs & flashers are working. Since I posted up here Ive done a 3"lift so Ill try and get some pictures up later this weekend.
  4. Sc00by

    Newer 4x4 rig...

    Ahh yes the failed sobi bomb.. but did get our attention And yes Sir that is the Gadsden Flag Bought a brush guard off CL a few weeks ago, finally got it installed last Saturday. Today my Rough Country lift arrived so that will be this weekends project.
  5. Sc00by

    Newer 4x4 rig...

    Yeah it was a hectic 2012... Changed employers in Feb, and have been a bit busy with work & other non wheeling activities.
  6. April of 2012, sold our 2x4 2002 Durango and got a 2008 Toyota FJ... Yes still have the XJ too. Since kids are grown & gone we no longer needed a vehicle with a 3rd row seat AND we were ready for a more "comfortable" 4x4 rig.
  7. Ham test online is also a very good online study guide, I used this when I upgraded from my Tech to General and may possibly hit it again for my Extra. The 4x4Ham group will also be holding a test session at our annual Field Day Trip 6/23/2012 And here is a link to some more License info. http://www.4x4ham.com/forumdisplay.php?31-Getting-your-Amateur-License-Questions-amp-Answers
  8. Good idea to re-connect the A/C stuff dirt & moisture + freon = nasty mess. Hit me up when your ready to re-charge the A/C I have dry Nitrogen & a vacuum pump (pressure test with the N2 & blow out any foreign stuff that maybe in the system, then vacuum the system to make sure its totally clean & charge)
  9. Whoops been a bit busy last few days haven't been on the forums much. Thanks for the birthday wishes
  10. Well the time has come, I got this in May 2007 and by the next day was on my way to Canyon DeChelly. Over all the M101 has been a great asset, helped on several clean up's and even help move us into our house. She has endured 2 trips to Canyon DeChelly, Devils Highway, Broken Arrow, to-from Vegas a few times and even a trip into Utah via Vegas & back. I really wish I could keep this and still execute my plan but being in an HOA community & having limited funds I think this is the way to go. Goal is to sell / trade for a pop up tent trailer this way Jen & the dag's can come along on camping trips & be more comfortable. 1992 CDN M101 1/4ton trailer Has the upgraded wheels (from metric to accept 5x4.5 jeep rim) and also has a mounted spare Hand brake, 7pin plug, original camo tarp. 3/4" plywood top that opens to 8' Asking 2,500 OBO & / or trade for a pop up tent trailer.
  11. Sc00by

    Eagle Cam

    I just saw that too... ya know that rabbit has got to have a foul stinch about now
  12. Tow bar and a 10" rise / lower hitch with a 2" ball Used this to flat tow my XJ to Utah a few times, no longer need this. $100 OBO / Trade for?
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