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  1. Got sweet new valve stem caps for the fleet. Despite their origin, they are quality units What the Hiroshima? Lucky for me I didn't need to reference installation instructions they sparkle on my shiny new wheels like a kaleidoscope when in motion. Wheels won't be shiny too much longer though I reckon.. Also got matte bronze ones for the '67
  2. Man do I miss Marcia's cookies
  3. Good work K liking those speed bleeders.. Them new fangled Jeeps certainly have a lot of doo-hickey's on 'em
  4. Bridjitt was sold via Craigslist: Buyer: "I am interested because I just bought a lowered sports car." me: "Nice! What kind of sports car did you get?" Buyer: "It's a Tesla." me: "Oh, you mean an electric car? Nice."
  5. Happy belated bday big A hope you get to take your Jeep out..
  6. Helping out a friend from work. Her best friends dad passed away from cancer and never got to see his project through to completion. Only needs paint and a parking brake. Located in Prescott. Thanks for looking: https://prescott.craigslist.org/cto/d/prescott-1933-chop-top-hot-rod/7025034477.html
  7. Were you able to pet the calf? I love cows.
  8. Sofa King Cool!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN5EZwanClY
  10. The big annual event is usually my last ditch escape from the heat toward the end of summer. I would vote we continue going up to cooler mountain locations.
  11. BRIDJIT is an expandable innovative curb ramp system that bridges-the-gap between the street and a rolled curb driveway entry, reducing the impact to your car and occupants by 80%. Fits almost any width. This BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is a 3 piece set designed to fit rolled curb driveways. Because the system is modular - and because an additional 4 ft. wide center section has been added - BRIDJIT ramps are made to fit straight or curved driveway entries of almost any width. BRIDJIT Is Easy to Install Installing your BRIDJIT Ramp Set is an easy, two-person job that takes about 10 minutes.. (installed mine all by myself) No special tools required. Protect Your Car BRIDJIT Saves Your Car and Your Body BRIDJIT reduces driver & passenger back pain experienced while bumping over rolled curbs. BRIDJIT protects low profile tires and rims from damage. Vehicles with low ground clearance can now enter your driveway without scrapes and bumps. BRIDJIT Is Neighborhood Friendly Ramps have a full length waterway to allow for storm drainage, and sloped ends ease vehicles up and over the ramp when parallel parking. BRIDJIT is easily flipped out of the way for periodic cleaning. BRIDJIT is not impacted by street sweepers. BRIDJIT Is Versatile BRIDJIT is also an excellent solution for golf carts, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more. BRIDJIT was expensive and is very heavy. BRIDJIT is still in great condition. Only used for a year, she's been stored in my garage since moving to a different location where my rolled curb is now almost non-existent. Available new from Amazon at $570. Mine is currently on Craigslist for $275. I'll knock $50 off the price for any interested members of Offroad Passport. 3 Piece set $419.99 new Extra Center Section $149.99 new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RHPmsdcBoQ
  12. Research? Nothing left coast specific, however: New FCC Rules https://www.wildsnow.com/23649/new-fcc-rules-frs-gmrs-radios/ FCC Fact Sheet https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-344617A1.pdf Check this one out Virg. Virgil?! You got a copy out there old buddy.. what's your 20? https://www.kb6nu.com/no-wonder-arrl-membership-falling/ Feels like the newer style higher wattage radios available today https://www.ruggedradios.com/ will eventually take over HAM but i don't even know what FRS or GMRS means. Rugged Radios boasts up to 20-30 miles of range plus all channels are licensed so people like me wouldn't have to study 423 questions or sign up and go sit at someone's house to take a test.
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