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  1. Research? Nothing left coast specific, however: New FCC Rules https://www.wildsnow.com/23649/new-fcc-rules-frs-gmrs-radios/ FCC Fact Sheet https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-344617A1.pdf Check this one out Virg. Virgil?! You got a copy out there old buddy.. what's your 20? https://www.kb6nu.com/no-wonder-arrl-membership-falling/ Feels like the newer style higher wattage radios available today https://www.ruggedradios.com/ will eventually take over HAM but i don't even know what FRS or GMRS means. Rugged Radios boasts up to 20-30 miles of range plus all channels are licensed so people like me wouldn't have to study 423 questions or sign up and go sit at someone's house to take a test.
  2. Nice work K, look at all that wood it's like an episode of New Yankee Workshop!
  3. Like to think my garage is clean compared to most but when working on projects I leave tools where they're within an arms reach, especially if the project involves me being under my Jeep.
  4. scottL


    Sweet! So glad you were able to join the party Kbro.
  5. Amazing how smooth my Jeep goes down the road now. It stops on a dime with the new brake set up and flexes like mad on the trail. Only needs minor trimming detail. Best I ever had off-road.. it's like having a brand new Jeep only better. Thank you George Montana!
  6. Love this progress.. Just empty every pocket! Looking forward to future updates
  7. WJ Beastie Boi! Looking awesome guys and yeah the heat sucks but glad you found someone to help straighten out all the booboo's OP made mistakes on.
  8. Might be rebuilding my engine soon. Look forward to your updates
  9. Hopefully the end of the world does not have a rock garden near it. Doesn't look like much wheel travel before coming into contact with the fenders.. Interior's plush looking thouh and 1,000hp sounds fun.
  10. Wow that’s corroded. Look forward to hear about everything else getting done.
  11. Looking good.. best of luck AA!
  12. Nice write up K, pretty much gonna have the same thing done to my driver seat real soon..
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