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  1. Looks like an epic trip with plenty of water features.. my favorite has to be the painted toilet and Loreto restaurant cuisine also looks lovely. I guess if you're going to get stuck down there at least you got stuck next to the ocean haha. Thanks for sharing Diane liking your new 'do!
  2. Outstanding overland observation Kbro. Also see similarities to the ‘con with respect to last part being most strenuous.
  3. ~HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GEORGE!~ Hope it was filled with wheelin' relaxing and cocktails
  4. D beat me to it.. Happy Birthday theK!
  5. Nnnice.. i'm coming over
  7. Just empty every pocket
  8. Wrenching party with my buds.. thanks again for all your help boys
  9. ..did some horse trading with @Number7 for a new 2.5” manifold back Frankexhaust system & got this replacement flangeless precat pipe from Pacesetter, which are made here in Phoenix Arizona flange on the previous Walker unit would rub against my driveshaft at full stuff you can see where the yoke made contact nearly smashing a hole in it at one point Fun fact: took me, G & theK 3+ hours to get this 1 bolt off
  10. Still hard start & rough idle, 250rpm or less. This old Jeep needs love Removed TB again replaced all intake sensors with MOPA units replaced o2 sensors then bank 2 sensor welded itself to my manifold from constant heat cycles over a decade great..
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