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  1. Can’t make it after all.. 101 on ramps r all closed off and I did not plan for enough time driving surface streets to carefree. Y’all have fun.
  2. Still feeling out my new set up & thinking about running a couple easier trails trying to avoid Breakmyass pass or do the windshield damage trail in Wayne's World just got a new windshield the other day Has Serendipity gotten worse since I was there last? Suggestions appreciated..
  3. ‘Tiff flossing and flexing with the new Nemesis front flares Gadget enjoys flexing and driving long trails by moonlight Kinda like angry eyes definitely a little meaner check it out Taking her out for a stretch just dorking around reverse angle new rear fenders coming soon haha double dork down we had a fun night out on the trail until some dude came rustling through the bushes & K decided time to boogie.. Thanks for good times K!
  4. That’s a lot of paint cant wait to go out and scratch em all up again with you.
  5. @theksmith helped wire up & fire up some new led rock lights and KC offroaders now that my solteks are toast out with the old.. New KC Hilites with custom blue rings and rock shields I love em.. so much better than my old halogens & don't burn near as hot. Thanks to K for his hospitality and unmatched electrical skillz. Stoked! Thanks again theK! (aka Gadget aka Goldmember)
  6. Opened my rear deck lid & noticed the dome lights flickering out Found a wire split up by the 3rd brake light so I soldered an extension to snake through the grommet Extra length should keep it from rubbing on the back of the ‘lid Viola’ Tight
  7. Ready for retirement Look forward to seeing the new ones installed!
  8. Drove past the Rubicon today
  9. Trail loop itself was first time exploratory so I am giving it a difficult rating. Kristoffer was a fearless trail leader. Rolling past guest entrance to Castle Hot Springs Past this closed gate is where I believe the Ruby Wash trail begins ‘Tiff in what I believe was the first difficult section. Pardon me bad with directions I get lost leaving the parking lot but K can set me straight.. Ruby wash is basically a loose boulder field. Almost feels like things are constantly slipping out from under you while driving. This was another interesting section We both made it with out too much hassle my camera appears to have caught K with two bum taillights but it’s just trick photography he has a beast of a jk and not afraid to use it! almost like driving up a wall rear lockers engaged.. camera does this photo no justice & we were driving through what looked like a field of poppies This young stud was holding firm ground wouldn’t budge for either of us Thanks K for leading had a great time
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