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  1. Thank you, I appreciate the comments!!!
  2. How is this working out so far? My last set has lasted two years now, but I'm starting to get a clunk and I haven't been able to find any upgraded motor/trans mounts. Mine isn't a DD, just a weekend trail rig so I'm not too concerned if I pick up a few vibes over stock.
  3. Thanks guys(and Gals;)) for the compliments! I'm sure most of you can relate but, it's been a work in progress for the last couple of years. I've done a bunch of mods and recently swapped the rear axle for a JK non rubi w/ detroit. the front dana turdy has been polished so it'll live on 35's long enough to get my front axle swap finished (which I'm currently gathering parts for). Then on to a hidden winch behind the factory bumper and a rear tire carrier fabbed through the rear bumper(Don't want the weight or cost of aftermarket bumpers) to get the spare out of my cargo area OR off the roof rack. That trail is called Dishpan Springs just outside of Lake Arrowhead and it's a Blast!!
  4. Nice rig, it brings back memories.... When I was growing up, my dad bought a brand new '78 K5 which he immediately started building and we wheeled the heck out of that thing. We had a few trips through the rubicon and trails all over the southwest. Within 3 years it was half primered, missing trim pieces, both doors had been pushed in by boulders and we would spend our free weekends under it getting it ready for the next trip.
  5. Thank You Everyone! Here's a few pics of my WJ!!
  6. Hello, my name is William....I've been a long time lurker and enjoyed the trail pics and reading some of the build threads over the years. I have 04 Jeep WJ locked on 35's that I enjoy wheeling and camping in. I Also have a place out in Mohave Valley, AZ and a buddy that lives in Phoenix so I'm hoping one day I can meet up with you guys for a trail run.
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