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  1. Thanks a bunch for your reply. ^^ And what a fantastic idea...I had thought about this to myself, wondering if there was an easier way besides those small foil tubes that are basically one time use. I figured they wouldn't be enough but hadn't searched for a larger container yet. Do you just use a caulking gun with it then?
  2. Question for you on sealing up the case. I am going to split the 242HD I just picked up so I can reseal it, as well as replace all the seals. I've read in my FSM to use "MOPAR Gasket Maker" which a Google search reveals is an anaerobic sealant. However, in the FSM for the rear bearing retainer it calls for some MOPAR product or "Loctite Ultra Grey", which I believe to be more of an RTV product than an anaerobic sealant. What did you choose to go with when you resealed yours, and how has your luck been with leaks? Looks like from the pics some sort of RTV product, and that's what I'm leaning toward instead of an anaerobic sealant but wanted to hear your opinion. Thanks in advance!
  3. Quick question- what size engine hoist did you use? In other words, any idea how much the 4.7 weighs? I've also seen some guys take it out with the transmission attached as well. I assume a heavier duty hoist would be needed if I went this route. Thanks!
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