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  1. I am in design stage right now but the very first one will Go on my Wee Green XJ for sure Bob
  2. :eek:Bob has been a very busy mad scientist and is sticking his head out the laboratory door. Here is a taste of what is on the worktable, a total new roof rack for my Wee XJ it will be about the same size as the roof have a 4" deep basket and be able to mount movable tie downs, jack and shovel mounts, light bars a very lightweight awning system, even a cantaloupe carrier if that is what I need to make my life complete. Rust will NOT even a possibility because it will be aluminum and other unrustable material. On to the pics one is a corner assembly, the other is a wire loom clip. [/ATTACH] This roof rack will be available for almost any vehicle, just a note for Diane and George, the connectors can be had in red to match Clifford!
  3. My XJ has come up with a new way to get sick. it is reving over 2k on occasion with no gas pedal input it will quit with a couple of restarts but goes back to the same misbehavior randomly. Any guesses or possible fixes?
  4. The wee jeep overheats and everything is good no leaks no bad parts just started to run hot. I tried to add coolant and it it just gurgles hisses and pukes all over the driveway without taking in over a pint of coolant. What can I do I think the dam closed system has air in it. it overheats within a mile of driving, .
  5. First off I will admit that I can have frequent attacks of stupidity, that being said. I live in the Houston area where we have had a wee bit of rain, like over a foot in one day and over 20 inches in the last month. There have been over 1000 vehicles drowned as in submerged over the roof for 8 to 36 hours so there will probably be a "fire sale" on slightly wet cars I am sure at least some are wrangler unlimiteds. I have 3 questions: 1. Would you buy one to salvage? Me possibly yes. 2. How much would pay for said jeep? Me no more than $1000 3. what would you replace to get it back on the road? Me, all the fluids, the entire interior, starter, alternator, A/C heater blower, entire contents of the dash, all speakers. and the ECM. I think I could salvage the wiring harness by taking apart every connector and spraying it with WD-40 then contact cleaner. What have I forgotten? What is everyones thoughts, a doable idea or get the men with the nets to pay me a call?
  6. Yeti coolers, wildly stronger, keeps ice longer, STOLEN MOST OFTEN! If you get a Yeti get a log chain or build a locking rack or it WILL GET STOLEN! On another forum I see stolen Yeti threads all the time. I even watched a thread with a Lojacked 65 qt Yeti collect 5 different groups of cooler thieves in a week. Also check the Yeti before you buy it, if it ain't makin' ice it's broken.
  7. MY 89 XJ needs new rear shocks it has a 3" lift what shocks can I get from the the parts house without getting size 2 shocks....2 short I need load leveling shocks because I will now be carrying a mobility scooter on a rear lift I hear that JK shocks will work well Bob
  8. found it J&W jeep parts in CA:D
  9. I need a seatbelt, driver's side for my 89 XJ, I called Knuckle Busters in the PHX area and they say they had them but when I asked them how much for shipping they went silent, I am still hearing the crickets. Any one know of a source? I tried a aftermarket one it lasted 2 months before it locked up. Bob:confused:
  10. Where do those people live, CO? If I could sell pattern welded steel knives for that much I would be in front of my forge 12 hours a day!
  11. I am running the edition samsung before the 2014 note, wifi only so if I need an aux GPS I am good with that Bob
  12. Is the built in GPS in a Samsung Note 10.1 adequate to run navigation software or do I need to plan on getting a bluetooth GPS to run in tandem with the tablet. I also need ideas for apps for navigation, I used Delorme Topo USA for offroad navigation with a laptop but it is not tablet compatiable I would also like recomendations for something like "streets and trips" for highway use. In my former job as a wireless field engineer I used it a lot for "ground truth" testing of E-911 and found it to be very accurate. Thanks. Bob
  13. in Ft Worth 2 Interstate highways 1 IH loop 1 US highway and about 4 named streets share same asphalt surface, Garmin uses those names and numbers interchangeably at random. When we were moving to Houston I was driving a U-haul, my wife was driving the Cadillac. She did not slow down so I could keep her in sight, When she called me in a panic and said she was lost, after I told her I didn't know where the hell she was I told her just to get into the center lane, turn off the GPS and head south and call me when the highways together. She subsequently killed the GPS by throwing it on the floor, I would NOT give her mine.
  14. I have had both FTW it is Delorme Topo US! when your PC is coupled to an active GPS you can almost run IFR in an off road area. Using the 3D feature I did about 3 weeks of scouting before I got on site in my GMU. I was able to see water wallows and saddles that looked good on the map but when i looked at in 3D I saw that i needed wings to get there. It saved me days of wasted time on the ground Bob
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