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  1. This Sunday, meet at the Tanque Verde Circle K at 9:30, air down and pull out at 10. Aiming for a long lunch at the falls.
  2. Nice pics and report, I can attest to the steepness of that particular spot...
  3. Thanks for the welcomes......It would be really great to meet another nine year old on the trail. My son's only complaint is when the doors are off the ipad is harder to concentrate and hold onto:eek:
  4. Howdy all and thanks to WideJ for posting on JKO I learned about this group. Been roaming the trails from Montana to Baja for twenty years in a variety of jeeps or anything else I could drag across the dirt. Currently wheeling a JKU with my nine year old son and looking forward to some exploration oriented runs. We like to camp, explore ghost towns, dig for rocks and other trailside shenanigans. We also hike, fish and do some boating. For those on here I know my reputation precedes me, for the rest of you'ze....don't believe any of it:cool: Cheers and Happy Trails
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