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  1. Thanks those are the ones I was wondering about. Little nervous but you guys are the experts. Appreciate the response.
  2. copy that. thank you for the advice.
  3. Hey guys. My transmission cooler started leaking on me. Looking at aftermarket coolers, they appear to be significantly different. Have any of you tried those? Or even know what I'm talking about? Just wanted to feel things out before I bought one. -Dom
  4. dbell

    Family WJ Build

    Awesome ride. I am mustering up the courage to go ahead and trim my fenders to allow for 33's. Great to know that I might as well go ahead and do the drive shaft swap too while I'm at it. Thanks for the photos and posts.
  5. Ok we'll thanks for the advice. Sure appreciate it. Have a good one.
  6. To be honest with you I just saw your post and didn't want the stuff to go to the trash. Lol, figured it wouldn't hurt to have spare parts around.
  7. I am interested but I live in New Mexico. Going to have to check shiping. They are still in good shape?
  8. Ok thanks Kris, I'll look into it.
  9. Well I'm trying and I'm trying, but I just don't have confidence in the Jeep that most of you do. Here's why... Since I bought it with approx. 81,000 miles I have had to replace the blend doors, HVAC, both axles (granted one was ok) both hubs (which didn't cure my front end noise), shocks on the hood and rear window. Not to mention none of my interior lights work without having to manually turn them on and off and I have yet to figure out why I constantly have to add antifreeze. Now an axle seal is leaking (should have listened to Chris)... The transmission shifts back and forth like nobody's business and the 4.7 V8 is as gutless as they come in my opinion. It seems like it's it's constantly one thing after another. Anyway, not to sell it short I will say that I'm very pleased with its off road capabilities. The part I worry about is getting to and/or from the "wheelin" place without any problems. Let's hear what you guys have to say good or bad. You're not going to offend me. And just for fun I'll go ahead and say it'll never live up to my old FORD powerstroke! -Dom
  10. Took some time to do a quick run up the hill to check the status of an old trail that used to pretty fun. Turns out it's still fun. Finally got to disconnect the sway bar, impressive I must say. Once again the Jeep did good. This whole jeep thing is addictive. I definitely need to trim the front bumper and relocate the washer fluid reservoir (but y'all knew that already ). And I want to get started in my rock guards, just need to find the time. Here's my first "flex" pics and one of the small ram I harvested in the previous comment.
  11. Well took the "Shaggin Wagon" out for its first hunting trip.. I was pretty impressed by it. I'm loving the IRO 4" lift, as it gave me the clearance I needed to get over every obstacle on my journey as well as provide a comfortable ride on bumpy two track roads. I guess there are just some noises that I'm going to have to live with on the jeep (kind of a bummer) . Thanks to everyone that gave me tips and pointers along the way. Next projects are rock guards and hangers for the front sway bar so that I can actually use my disconnects. Oh and I'm probably going to do something about the rolla rack, I don't necessarily like it mounted to the cross members of the stock rack although I didn't have any issues with a spare tire and a 5er up there. On the topic of the rolla rack, I haven't heard a single peep from it. I noticed some other folks say they are noisy, maybe I got lucky or something, but I sure am glad I have it. Catch y'all later. -Dominic
  12. Chris, thanks for providing that TSB and your input. And Jim, I haven't been driving the jeep too awful much but when I do it's a 10 mile drive to work, then maybe make a few stops here and there, then the 10 miles back home. So yes, definitely short trip driving. The temps have been pretty chilly here lately so maybe this condition will go away as the temps warm up. Thanks again fellas.
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