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  1. Fun night, well until the front axel broke. Still fun, thanks for all the help guys getting my rig off the trail. No big deal replacing the front axel, I'll be back!!! Great pics too!!!
  2. We did it last March in the Silverado 2500 and no problems up to the gate. We walked up a ways and the fire was devastating but was starting to regenerate, lots of baby plants and trees.
  3. Lots of fun optional obstacles to but maybe not at night, at least for me!! Been a while since I've had the jeep out and looks like some monsoon weather for Saturday!
  4. Sounds fun, count me in for the terminator part and see if I'm too tired to do the last part.
  5. Well looks like some wet wheeling in Kingman, rain all week! Getting everything ready to go, see everyone Wednesday morn at air down. I'll be there Tuesday evening sometime. I'm not sure how to get to the trail head / air down for Wednesday Homecourt, could someone post a location?
  6. I'm all set, I'll be there Tuesday evening. Wheeling Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday. Excited to finally get a chance to wheel the Kingman trails with the club!!
  7. Thinking about going for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, maybe Saturday. I've got the time off work and need to finalize my plans. Any recommendations for lodging? I'll confirm once I have a place to stay but really a great opportunity to do the Kingman trails with the club!
  8. Thanks, I'll be at the holiday party if I decide not to go out of town.
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