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  1. Well looks like some wet wheeling in Kingman, rain all week! Getting everything ready to go, see everyone Wednesday morn at air down. I'll be there Tuesday evening sometime. I'm not sure how to get to the trail head / air down for Wednesday Homecourt, could someone post a location?
  2. I'm all set, I'll be there Tuesday evening. Wheeling Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday. Excited to finally get a chance to wheel the Kingman trails with the club!!
  3. Thinking about going for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, maybe Saturday. I've got the time off work and need to finalize my plans. Any recommendations for lodging? I'll confirm once I have a place to stay but really a great opportunity to do the Kingman trails with the club!
  4. Thanks, I'll be at the holiday party if I decide not to go out of town.
  5. I'm open the 1st and the rest of that week, FJ trials would fun.
  6. I'm unfortunately not going to be able to make it, Jeep needs to get fixed and no way to do it in time for the run. Have fun, hope to catch the next one.
  7. We also ran it in a day in my tundra, only put it in 4 lo a few times when we did some of the side trails. Very scenic going down the switch backs, awesome views all the way.
  8. Also interested if it turns out to be the 1st week of September. I'm doing trusses and 4.88 gears on the axels and some other stuff and probably won't be done until the end of August.
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