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  1. We also ran it in a day in my tundra, only put it in 4 lo a few times when we did some of the side trails. Very scenic going down the switch backs, awesome views all the way.
  2. Jeez, I should have read the post more clearly. I'll be ready by then for sure!
  3. Also interested if it turns out to be the 1st week of September. I'm doing trusses and 4.88 gears on the axels and some other stuff and probably won't be done until the end of August.
  4. Looking forward to it, hope sycamore creek is passable to get to the log corral trail head.
  5. Thanks guys, it was a fun run. The few pics I took are pretty much the same as the ones posted. Looking forward to the next run!!!!
  6. Fun run and lots of water made things interesting, all the rain over the last 3 months changed the trail. Great to meet everyone, lets do it again soon.
  7. All loaded up, I'm going to be towing the dub, see everyone at the gas station at 9:00. It's been a couple of years since wheeling with passport, Smiley Rock, WJ has grown up a bit since then!
  8. If it's not to late I'd like to go, WJ, locked front and rear, 35's, 8"lift.
  9. We did it last spring, beautiful. We camped at Kane Springs on the Posion Spider side of the river. Not a lot of spots along the river and I think it's first come first serve. If you keep going on past Posion Spider it ends at White rim, I know there is camping along White Rim but not sure exactly where.
  10. I have the IRO 4" lift with the short arm adjustable CA's front and rear. It swapped the d turdyfive for the d44a and did the chromally IRO axel swap in the front with 4.54 gears and lockers, you will need the gears if you have the 4.0. I went with 33" tires and had to do a bunch of trimming in the front wells. I plan on stuffing some 35's soon and will have to cut more in the front and rear, looking for the lowcog set up.
  11. As much as I was looking forward to this run I've gotten that bug that's been going around so I'm out.
  12. Looking forward to the run, it will be my first run with Passport. See everyone at the meet up spot by the Bumblebee turn off.
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