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  1. Hey Guys been a long while. life hasnt been easy since getting out of the military. But enough on that lol The Silver Beast has been renamed offically as Damsel. As in Damsel in Distress. Because shes always in distress, whether it be breaking or drop coils. But ive fixed alot of those issues. Since the last you guys saw it ALOT has been added. So Damsel is sitting on a 6.5" iro lift. Long arms front, Tier 2 core 4X4 short arms with iro upper a arm rear. Jeep is sitting on 37x12.50x15s with 15x8 steelies Have Glissade rock sliders from HK offroad now. I found a smoking deal on axles about 2 months after the pandemic started and drove to Vancouver WA (from southern california which is where im living now) to get them. the front is a Dana 30 thats been sleeved, gusseted, trussed, lower control arm bracket reinforcement and ARB 30 spline locker with Chromo shafts. Rear is the Dana 44A thats trussed and skidded with ARB locker 4.56 gears in both added the Dual ARB compressor under the hood as well, and added the MORFLATE kit to my arsenal as well heres a pic of the beast now. This was on Doran Loop in Calico CA last weekend the 12th of December thumbnail.jfif
  2. Lift and tires on. Next is gear box, fluids, And tcase skid plate. Oh and an alignment. It looks so much more badass now I love it!!!
  3. Well due to some rather unfortunate events that took place while I was deployed. I'm not longer gonna be able to attend this event maybe next year.
  4. I seen these just the other day and have considered replacing the ones in my rig with their permanent series ones. 5 of em is like 80 bucks or so. but I may just buy the 4 pack and then keep em in the jeep as back ups.
  5. put me down as a maybe. depends on where im at in my military career. ill be keeping an eye out on this and update if I cant make it. is it ok to bring none members?
  6. I just got the new general grabber x3s for my wj. wont have any true reviews till like august tho. but all of the reviews on em so far seem to be very good and they seem to be rather strong just like the general grabber red letters that started it all.
  7. thanks ksmith! so as this lift above is on its way im already planning a fully custom one off 6" long arm kit for my wj. itll take a few years to gather all the parts, but ill end up spending anywhere from 200-1000 less on this custom kit (depending on what shocks I get, bilsteins is about 1000 less, fox is about 300 less and then kings are about 200 less) then I would for a full 6" clayton lift, and it will be far superior to the clayton kit in everyway (or atleast that's my hopes lol) the coils will be better (dual rate that wont even come close to falling out even at full flex) joints better (34 degrees of misalignment, self centering, and fully rebuildable) control arms thicker (2" .188 wall dom) cant wait lol
  8. The lift will be put on in a do it your self shop up in washington in early may so wont be to bad. Tires will be out on in july in the mojave desery if california lol so that will be a little warm but i was born and raised there. So nothing new. And wheeling will still be done. Just with lots of ac or at night time lol
  9. Thanks! I cant either unfortunately itll be another 3 months before i even get stateside again, and then the lift will go on. Have to wait till july for tires and rims
  10. Here goes Iro 4 inch short arm lift Upper a arm spacer from iro Iro tcase skid Core 4x4 tier 1 adjustable control arms in charcoal color Pro comp 52 series 15x8 3.75bs rims 33/12.50/15 general grabber x3s (the 10.50s were out of stock) wish these had the red lettering on em tho
  11. wel pulled the trigger on some new stuff for the silver beast got an rtic 65 quart cooler with the basket and rope handles for 160 bucks shipped to my door ordered an iro tcase skid plate ordered an iro 4" lift with a arm spacer ordered core 4x4 tier 1 adjustable control arms and about to pull the trigger on some new 15x8 steelies, and some general grabber x3s in a 33/10.5/15 variety still got a few more months left in the sandbox but should have pics in mid to late july of all the stuff
  12. Did a quick lil night run through last chance canyon in southern California.
  13. Picked up a couple things from bass pro shops on black friday. Xps l2000 flashlight $80 And a lifestraw $15 High Medium Low
  14. Kratos has landed!!! (Hkoffroad.com)
  15. Thanks guys! For the 80 bucks my buddy paid for em i cant complain!! Heres locations (mirrored on the other side) Behind rear tire In front of rear tire Behind front tire In front of front tire
  16. Got the rock lights finished, then decided to take some pics of the war machine fully lit up. And grabbed a couple pics of my buddys rig with his rock lights on as well. Then some flexing Full stuff no rubbing. But juuust barely lol
  17. Add some rock lights. Well half of em, ill try to do the other side soon
  18. Its a sPod universal setup. Expensive but so worth it. The switch covers are from otratw.com bout 5 bucks each.
  19. Finnally got the the rtt on and it started raining soon as i got it up there. Go figure. Anyways first trip with it with be mojave trail the weekend after thanksgiving
  20. Alright got the rack knocked out!! Still need to hit the whole thing with a flap disc to sand everything smooth, shape the lightbar brackets and then clean it with acetone and then bedline it. Should be on the jeep by next weekend. Anyways enough yacking, i know yall are here just for the pics lol Tacking the rack onto the feet Checking level All feet tacked in Rack sitting on the jeep. Roughly 1" from the roof in the middle Its off a little bit but meh Driver side and the feet Passengwr side and feet Lightbar tabs all welded on (passenger front) Lightbar tabs (front) Lightbar tabs (driver side) Lightbar tabs (rear) Tent resting on the rack, front just barely enough space for my lightbars lol Back side with tent on, also just barely enough space. Anyways hope yall like it. I love it and cant wait to get it done.
  21. Got bored this weekend while I wait for my rack to be built. So messed around with the tent a bit.
  22. If she drives a jk that's lori. Super nice lady!
  23. This thing is super nice. The bed in it is more comfy then my temper Pedic bed lol
  24. Shout out to The Adventure Portal for putting on a great raffle and 23 ZERO USA for supplying the tent! Rack will be built the first and tent will be going on soon as I can. Can't wait!!!
  25. New switch setup came in!!
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