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  1. Hi! I tried searching the forum to get some info on Dick Cepek tires. I found one but only in the classified. I noticed it wasn't really talked about here in the forum. Anyone here who currently have this brand of tires in their rig? How was it when used on the trails? Is it comparable to Nitto trail grapplers?
  2. Awesome shot you got there, pal. Will check out other pics in the link you shared.
  3. That's awesome, George! It's good to know you were there to help them.
  4. Aside from the Bilstein shocks, Rough Country Ez-ride springs and other upgrades, were you able to add more parts to the CJ7? how's the progress of this build, by the way?
  5. Tried to search for it too. It sure looks beefy
  6. Nice choice on the Toyo tires. any updates on your mod plans?
  7. you got a lot of photos on your new update. nice work you've done on your ride. keep it up!
  8. great looking ride. keep up the good work
  9. awesome photos! congrats on the feature
  10. nice progress. your jeep looks great.
  11. :laugh: nice looking vehicles you have there
  12. nice looking ride. seems like you had a fun trip at Crown King
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