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  1. Snapper, sorry to say that my plans have been changed. I won't be in LV until the weekend of June 18 now. Have fun out there and be safe!
  2. Unfortunately I won't be around for the MR later in the week.
  3. I'll be in Vegas on the 6th for a meeting, so let's talk. I might be up for a trail run on the 5th somewhere around Vegas, if you want.
  4. It might not be as hot out there in June as one would think. We often ride our dirt bikes well into June in the Mohave near Cal City. Average high in Ludlow CA (on I-40) nearby is listed at 88. So an early June run might actually be pleasant out there.
  5. If you're still looking, you may want to give the guys at Barstow Truck Parts a call. They have dozens of military trailers and lots of parts. Big offroaders toy store. 760-256-1086
  6. If you're coming all the way from TN for Mohave Road, I bet we can find a few other interesting runs for you out this way as well. Let us know what your schedule looks like, what you will be coming in and let's see what we can do to help!
  7. Mikey, I sent you an email. Thx, Bruce
  8. My kids' Spring Break is the first week in April. After a couple of nights in Cal, we are headed to Peach Springs to camp at the bottom of the GC, and then to Sedona. Maddogjeeper gave me a couple great ideas for campsopts around Sedona. We will be there Wed 4/7 through Sat 4/9. If anyone wants to join us to camp or run some local trails, that would be great!
  9. Nice! Looks like it's back in print. The companion "Diesel Dining" cookbook also looks very enticing.
  10. I have a box bolted to the side of my manifold. My wife and I regularly "cook" in it. It is great for re-heating, good for some sloooow cooking, think crock pot. We usually keep it simple- hot dogs, pre-cooked garlic chicken, chili, steamed veggies. The Trader Joes shrimp and risotto is a favorite. Feeding 3 boys on the road, it has saved us a ton of money and we generally eat better. I have actually cooked (from a raw state) mahi mahi, pork tenderloin etc on longer trips, but it is a really slow process that goes by miles, not by time. I drop the food into a bread pan and cover it in foil. Have to stop once or so to turn it. Feel free to bring whatever you want on the del Diablo trip and to use the box. I think there is an put of print cookbook called Manifold Destiny out there somehwere ....
  11. I have run the MR a couple of times, once in a TJ and last year in my Land Cruiser. Brought spare can of gas both times and never needed it. Take a few cans amongst the group and you'll be fine. HTH
  12. The only guy I know that owns one complains about how cold it is in the winter with all that air moving underneath.
  13. Diane my local club maintains John Bull so let me know if you need any detailed info. You can certainly find enough for a 4 to 5 day trip in the area. There is also plenty of free camping in the area off of 3n16 in Holcomb Valley. Some additional trail suggestions: Day 1: Dishpan + Holcomb (should be open by then) Day 2: Full John Bull trial + Gold Mountain Day 3: Pontiac Sluice + Horsethief Flats Day 4: Jacoby Canyon + Rattlesnake Canyon or Motino Wash Day 5: Pilot Rock + 2n17x HTH
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