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  1. Based upon your crtieria for longevity and reliability, I think you made the right decision here. It seems from their website that Promar should be a reputable vendor. Hope the R&R goes well. We'll have to meet up on the trails in the future! gary
  2. BWAHAHAHA! Maybe you could just say it's a rare, pre-'93 ZJ? This was on Rocker Knocker (Pritchett Canyon) at last year's GSW:
  3. Oh yeah, I've only missed a couple of years since 2001! Leaving Socal early morning on Tuesday 06-07. Been following your build thread over on JF - glad to hear you're (hopefully) gonna make it.
  4. Well, unfortunately I'm going to have to cancel, thus freeing up a spot. Yesterday evening I found out that my rear diff/axle repairs aren't going to be done for another week (at least), and I still have a lot of things to do to my interior mods. Bottom line is, it won't be ready for overnight camping in time for this trip. I'll catch you all on another trip sometime soon. Looking forward to the trip report! Gary
  5. Nice - new editions of Casebier's book and Tom Harrison's map (or at least newer than mine, which does not include the GPS data). Guess I'll be upgrading. Thanks! gary
  6. Please mark me in on this trip, too. I've followed others posts about it for several years - time to do it!
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