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  1. I really want to. We are super busy right now, but I'm sort of getting all my stuff gear ready so I can start once it cools off. I really want to go into the superstitions.
  2. I need a recommendation for a reliable backpackers compass. Don't need bling, just something that is quality and reliable. A link to purchase or product name would be great. TIA
  3. Neat trip. I've been up there and to El Oso several times. Here's a pic taken in January 24th 2010 on FR422. Can't wait for the winter season again.
  4. It's very intimidating to stand at the bottom of the dam and think that the water level of the lake is 100' above your head.
  5. This Hike begins off the 89 in Prescott. This was an easy hike and probably no more than 3 miles in length. Enjoy the pics.
  6. Thanks everyone for the tips. I think I've decided on the Watson Dam and Watson Flume Loop. I'll post some pics of it, but the online photos look nice.
  7. I found this one: http://www.cityofprescott.net/services/parks/trails/?id=57 Looks to be scenic and interesting with the dam there. Any idea how far south (from prescott) on the Senator Highway one needs to travel to see some old mining equipment?
  8. We are going to be in Prescott for 4th of July Weekend and want to do some hiking before the party starts Saturday afternoon. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like it to be less than 4 hours and moderate level. Scenery would be a bonus. TIA.
  9. Lifes a Jeep suggested I stop by and take a look.
  10. joedokes

    My Jeep

    Yes. Chain steering wheel is still there. Gold now instead of chrome
  11. joedokes

    My Jeep

    Great Forum! For those that don't know me, here's my rig: 2005 TJ Rubicon Specs: Rubicon Express 4.5" LA Warn 9.5ti Alloy USA Shafts Currie Steering Ranch RS9000 Adj. Shocks Goodyear MTR's 315/75/16 Jeeperman Bumper/ TC 20LB CO2 / The Source Adj. Regulator and plenty more I can't remember...
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