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  1. I went with one of these on my '19 Ram. With the factory plug removed, the stream came down straight onto the swaybar, sending dirty oil everywhere. These are a great product!
  2. I remember back in '06 or '07, when the crash results were posted for the JK. They said the doors may open on certain impacts. I was thinking what doors? They have doors?
  3. Distributor? The last one of those I had was attached to my '88 F150!
  4. It was a couple of years ago. As I recall, it was something in the 80-120 grit range. I think any rotary or orbital type sander would do!
  5. Very nice work! My friend that does upholstery, uses a small grinder for final shaping on the foam. This gives much smoother final contours, than using just the electric knife.
  6. Zeep

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    I installed the under armor last fall. everything seems to be working out well. I'm still piecing together some wiring, so that I can relocate my locker pumps. I located some 3 wire connectors from the bone yard, so that I can make a extension harness, to locate the pumps up near the ABS tray. I will update when the weather finally breaks here. Still chilly and wet here!
  7. Great looking countryside. You guy's are very lucky!
  8. I could go on and on about all the oil related threads I've read through the years. The one thing I know for sure, is, I can remove any inconsistencies by doing it myself. I admit that, it's not always convenient. But at least I know it was done right, and to my satisfaction! BTW. Looking at the vid you posted of the PVC change out, it doesn't look all that bad.
  9. Good info there! Already forwarded to some friends.
  10. How much is the Mopar coolant? I've used the Zerex in my '05. In fact, I should think about changing it out this spring. Hard to believe, how many are still using the green stuff in everything these days. Seems they never even think to pick up a owners manual.
  11. I'll be considering this mod when the weather breaks. Too damn cold around here now!
  12. Zeep

    Sleeping in an LJ.

    Evan, what rear bumper are you running? Any comments pro, or con?
  13. Zeep

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    Curious to see how things work for you. I have the same rig, still mostly stock. Currently, I am waiting on Savvy under armor, which is back-ordered. Can't wait to rid myself of the factory shovel!
  14. Nice looking tool, I may need to pick one of those up soon. Thanks for the link.
  15. Good look'n XJ. Getting hard to find clean one's up here!
  16. Nice trailer! I bet my dog would like one as well.
  17. I'm in Sterling Hts.(15 & Vandyke) Back in '80, '81, I spent some time in Tempe. I really miss the desert scenery. You can have that summer heat though.
  18. Very nice. The rear power port looks handy. Was it really 100* there?
  19. Any shots of the interior?
  20. I've had a lot of success using brown paper grocery bags, or kraft paper, to trace out patterns. Usually takes several attempts to get it "just right".
  21. Zeep

    Spicer Catalog

    Good find, added to my favorites. Thanks.
  22. Rear storage looks well thought, out and ingeniously executed. In following your threads, you seem to find the coolest little gadgets to complete your tasks. (I found ORP from one of your posts on Expedition Portal) Well done. I wish the after market still catered to TJ/LJ, as well as the JK. I'd like to do something similar to the back of my LJ, someday. What is the length of your shovels handle? Does it telescope in and out?
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