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  1. Nice tires and rims; I have the same setup. My first set of Wildpeaks lasted me about 40-45k miles. I had some front end issues which caused inner wear. On my second set now and got the front end fixed.
  2. Welp, doesn't look like I'll make it this time, but I'll keep an eye out for the next run.
  3. I'm interested, but won't know until Sunday AM for sure, so put me as a maybe.
  4. Thanks for setting this up. It was a great run. No dust!!! Next time I'll go the full route.
  5. I'm in S Phx an it has started raining again here. What's the consensus; we doing this run?
  6. Being an easy trail you probably don't need to air down unless you want a softer ride. I carry a compressor and I'm sure others will have one if you do want to air back up.
  7. Not today, but I got this fixed recently and the front end lifted so I have some flexibility. Prior I could barely get 2 fingers in the gap...
  8. As mentioned the WK2 Trailhawks come with quadra drive which is a ELSD rear end - electronic limited slip diff. The front uses the braking system. The QD is a good system, but personally, i'm not a fan of air suspension, which is part of QD. You definitely want the WK2 over the plain Cherokee.
  9. I'm late, but I'd be interested in a future run.
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