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  1. The QuadraTrac II system is no slouch either.
  2. Not today, but I got this fixed recently and the front end lifted so I have some flexibility. Prior I could barely get 2 fingers in the gap...
  3. As mentioned the WK2 Trailhawks come with quadra drive which is a ELSD rear end - electronic limited slip diff. The front uses the braking system. The QD is a good system, but personally, i'm not a fan of air suspension, which is part of QD. You definitely want the WK2 over the plain Cherokee.
  4. I'm late, but I'd be interested in a future run.
  5. I've actually been back on El Oso and it is my nemesis. LOL
  6. Not a trailhawk, but a trail rated Limited that I put the Mopar rock rails on. I put 33's on and that's why I need to get it lifted as it rubs on the fender trim over bumps and dips.
  7. I recognize that turn, but I cut it a bit narrow.
  8. Thanks for the info @4x4tographer I have springs. The air lifts can be somewhat difficult to lift from my understanding. I've really been itching to do the back way to Crown King, but a couple of my friends with JK's poop out when it comes up as a suggestion.
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster and wanted to say hi to everyone. I have a 2015 wk2 and am always looking for trails and places to explore in AZ, although it has been a year or so since I've done any off-roading. It's the family truckster, so I can't take it on anything too crazy, but I've had fun with it. One question I have is that I've been wanting to get a small lift on it - Billstein 5100's on the front and TJ spacers on the back. Any recommendations for shops for the work? TIA Bill
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