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  1. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to skip this. It's my sons' scout spring camp-out at Roosevelt this weekend. Have a fun trip and I'll catch you on the next one.
  2. Good to know. The last one wasn't too bad except for that stretch I needed a spotter. And, it took me days to clean that mud off. LOL
  3. @Trail Toy can you put me down as a maybe if there's room? I'm hoping to get the GC a little lift before then. Thx
  4. Yeah the air dams were one of the first things I removed when I bought it I've seen people take the lower part of the bumper off, but I don't know how much it affects the approach angle compared to leaving it on and also providing some protection from trail debris getting in that area. Mine originally came with a chrome part down there and I tore the shit out of it, so I swapped it with the black generic one.
  5. It was good meeting everyone and a great run. Thanks @Trail Toy for setting this up. Hopefully I can get my front end lifted a bit before the next one. Cheers
  6. Excellent. Looking forward to meeting some fellow off-roaders and have a fun trip
  7. Excellent. I have a stock height WK2 aside from maybe 1/2" in height from bigger tires. Skids, rock rails, etc - it's trail rated, so I'm guessing it will suffice for this run?
  8. Actually, these are what I have. Btw, do I need to reach certain number of posts before I can edit my own post?
  9. I have a pair of Midland walkie talkies, I was just figuring "radio" was meaning something more complex. Thanks
  10. I'd be interested, but don't have a radio. I was looking at some on Amazon, but does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. I've actually been back on El Oso and it is my nemesis. LOL
  12. Not a trailhawk, but a trail rated Limited that I put the Mopar rock rails on. I put 33's on and that's why I need to get it lifted as it rubs on the fender trim over bumps and dips.
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