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  1. I am heading out to Pismo Beach for Jeep Beach West. It's about a 9 hour drive and so I thought I would try to find a nice spot to spend the night along the way. I've e-mailed a couple buddies out in California and waiting to hear back. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Some of the other folks going thought they might overnight at Joshua Tree. I think it might still be a bit warm there and was thinking it might be better to try for something in the Angeles National Forest. I've got a small trailer with a RTT behind my JK and I know at least one other couple, whom I believe are tent camping.


    Anybody here have any experience with the area or other suggestions that might work?


    Anyone here planning to attend Jeep Beach West? Would love to hear from you!




  2. Pismo Beach and Oceano Dunes, sweet!


    We went for the first time last summer for Jeep Beach West. It was my first time on the dunes and great to have the company of a couple hundred Jeep folks there to show me the way. It's an annual event and I will definitely be back for the next one. The great thing is we got to camp on the beach and play in the dunes and never had to touch pavement all weekend!


    I believe the organizers said they have to move the date from June to October or November this year at the request of the State Park folks who run the dunes.


    Anyone wanting to know more about Jeep Beach West can check out their website at http://www.jeepbeachwest.com


    Maybe we can get a group to head up together for the next one!

  3. Ski season is upon us. Anyone looking for a Yakima roof rack / ski rack combo?


    I have one I picked up for my brother-in-law's truck last year. He decided to go with a cap for the bed of the truck and it came with a roof rack. It's all new, boxed and looking for a new owner. Price this out at REI and it comes to over $500. I have it on CL for $200.




    I'll sell for $175 if any Off-road Passport member wants it. PM me if interested.

  4. I long for FiOS. I had it back east and it is unmatched in the industry. Of course, the fact that I am retired from Verizon landline and had free service helped! Seriously, I'm stuck with Century Link and their pitiful DSL service. Cox serves the house one street over and we (all the neighbors on this street) have been unable to convince them to extend their service.


    As for DirecTV, since it's takover by AT&T, customer service (Which was never really very good) has only gotten worse. I had to call a couple times for them to come re-align the dish after a haboob and both times they told me it would be 3 to 4 days to get a tech out to get us back in service. I told them that was fine, I would call DISH and they would be out that afternoon so they could pick up their equipment in four days, no need to rush. Amazingly, they were able to get a tech out that day! We, thankfully, are off contract with DirecTVand can switch if we want. We keep hoping Century Link will get PRISM out our way. Hope springs eternal!

  5. I have already registered and can't wait to hit the road.


    It's a weekend of camping and Jeeping on the beach. Sounds like fun to me! In June it will be in the triple digits here in the Valley, cooler on the coast. If anyone else is planning on attending maybe we can have an Arizona contingent camped out and playing in the dunes together.



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