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  1. Thats a little high for just head gasket replacement. There are some expensive gasket kits involved, (Primarily front cover kit) But its mostly the labor involved. There are absolutely variables also, And with it being a 2013 I would do a leak down test FIRST before condeming a head gasket. The 12, and early 13 (pre 06-13 build) have been very problematic for us. We just started into our SECOND head replacement for the week today. So, whoever you have do the job, there are a few things I would suggest that are done at the same time IF they have NOT been done in the last 6 months/ 5000 miles....1) rocker arms on that head, lifters on that head, Thermostat assy, Oil cooler/ pressure and temp switches, spark plugs and coil boots. At that point in the game, its just a parts cost with little to no extra labor charge. I will be in the office tomorrow (Thur Dec 14th) If you would like to call and talk about it. We will be closing on Dec 15 thru Jan 2 for the holidays. Joe OnPoint Performance and Offroad AND OnPoint Pentastar Professionals, LLC 623-234-3339 **Spoiler Alert** New, 5300 sq ft Location coming soon! Stay tuned for location! (We actually have it, but Not telling anyone yet..;) )
  2. Any members that own an "Adventure" bike or a Street legal Dual purpose bike that would be interested in doing some riding?? I have a 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports (AKA "The BIG Bike") and a 2018 Honda XR650L that are getting bored sitting in the garage....If you have a bike post up here and maybe we can put a trip together!! Joe
  3. Pretty close to mine, but I tend to carry a little more Ammo, Magazines, 6 quickClot, 3 TQ kits, and 6 of the obligatory Single dose Narcan nose spray.
  4. LOL....Diane, I got tired of desroying a Jeep every 18-20 months, and bottom line, its one of those "been there, Done that" things. For years, I always had people that were trying to get me to do the scenic, mellow trips and I always said NO!!!...I wanna go crawl rocks!!!... Now, The older and Wiser Joe is enjoying seeing the beautiful sights around me when offroad. Now, as you know, that dosent mean I wont take a completely stupid, off camber vertical line every now and again.......:)
  5. Tried to for the Smiley rock run, but it says Im not allowed...:(
  6. Glad we got the wobble to go away!!! I think honestly, it was a little bit of all 3 things contributing to the wobble. Just a quick note for those with the 8 speed trans (8HP50/60/70/80)...The JL/JT Wranglers are the only ones with serviceable filters in the trans. They use a metal pan and 2 small nuts to hold the filter to the bottom of the pan....on all the rest of them, the entire pan needs to be replaced as the plastic filter housing is plactic welded to the pan and serviced with a new plastic pan. I have not yet had the chance to confirm nor deny the use of the metal pan on any other 8HP Trans.....
  7. Well Hello Everyone!! Guess I should start out with "longtime member, first time poster"..:) My name is Joe and I own and operate OnPoint Performance and Offroad and also OnPoint Pentastar Proffesionals, both located in Glendale Arizona. A little background with me, I was a dealer tech for Dodge and jeep from 96 Thru 2001. At that point I had made the decision that I needed to open my own shop. in October of 2001 I opened Absolute Offroad. I had that shop untill I sold it to Jason in May of 2011 to pursue a career in law enforcement. I worked as a reserve Deputy with MCSO until Sept of 2018. Around the middle of 2014, I started getting the itch for the Jeep world again. At this point, I opened OnPoint performance and Offroad. Many of you have been my customers for years, from the early AO days to current. Just recently, the Jeep life has started becoming strong again with me, not in the hardcore rock crawling and smashing sheet metal as of yesteryear, but more of the scenic, fun wheeling and camping. Southwest Colorado is my zen and any chance I can get there, I will. I look forward to meeting everyone in the future, as I am going to be joining in on a few runs and trips! You will not see me "pimping" or pushing my shop on here. Im not that kind of guy. But if you want to ask me anything, pleaase feel free to ask!! I drive a fairly "stock" :) 2006 LJ that seeps to work well for me.
  8. I just want to give a crazy loud, obnoxious shout out to THEKSMITH, for fighting off hookers, pimps and dope dealers this morning to gather up the cajones to not only stop by just to say HELLO, But also bring me not 1, but 2 Doughnuts! One even had sprinkles and chocolate filling..... Okay, I guess I had better introduce myself.....Some of you may know me previously from being the owner of Absolute Offroad....Sold AO to explore other things, and that worked out, but last year, July 2015, I opened another shop, called OnPoint Performance and Offroad. We are located in Glendale, its just me, so no kids or dirty shaggy mechanics workin on your stuff. I am also the only one that can answer the phone, so, I do have an answering machine, and call everyone back either right at lunch time or about 4:30-5ish right before I leave. A little about me....18 year ASE Master L1 Certified auto tech, have worked in Dodge. Jeep and General repair shops before opening my original shop, AO. Strong diagnostic capabilities, axle and gear set up, Auto Transmission Diag and complete rebuild, great with wiring and all aspects of General maint...I also enjoy doing and planning performance modifications too....I will take good care of the Offroad Passport Community, give honest answers and offer all the info that I know to repair, build or maintain your vehicle. Please feel free to also check out my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/onpointperformanceandoffroad/?fref=ts Joe Daro OnPoint Performance and Offroad 5237 W Montebello Ave Glendale, Arizona, 85310 623-234-3339
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